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367 Dogs Rescued in Nation’s 2nd Largest Dog-Fighting Raid

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After a four year investigation into what is being hailed as the second largest dog-fighting raid in U.S. history, 367 dogs, primarily pit bulls, have been rescued from what witnesses describe as deplorable conditions.

Dogs were seized from Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, to as far away as Texas. In general the dogs were found to be neglected, receiving minimal to no veterinary care. Many were tethered to heavy chains with no access to food or water in the 90+ degree heat.

A single yard found to be part of the dog-fighting operation held 114 dogs, with not a drop of food or water in sight.

In addition to the dogs, investigators found equipment and supplies consistent with dog fighting, including treadmills and weight training machines for the dogs, medicines and antibiotics to treat infections after fighting wounds, breeding stands, even staple guns which are commonly used to seal open wounds. Police also seized about $500,000 in cash along with a supply of weapons and narcotics.

The Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals assisted FBI, the US Attorney’s Office, and local law enforcement agencies in the massive raid.

While investigations continue, the rescued dogs are being held in an undisclosed location where they’ll be medically treated and brought back to health. Both animal advocacy organizations are working closely with veterinarians and specialized dog trainers in efforts to make the dogs suitable for adoption.

Chris Schindler, manager of animal fighting investigations for Humane Society of the United States, is confident that most dogs will finally be able to live the life that they deserve, telling NBC News, “Some former fighting dogs have gone on to be therapy dogs, to work with law enforcement and to be beloved family pets.”

Because dog fighters are careful to hold operations in remote areas, many go on for years without being noticed. Others, Tim Rickey, vice president of field investigations and response for the ASPCA, says, simply go unreported by suspicious neighbors.

Rickey urges anyone with suspicions or evidence of dog fighting operations in their area to contact authorities.

To date, 11 of the 14 people indicted in this dog fighting ring have been arrested, 3 remain at large.

The largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history remains the “Missouri 500,” so named for the 500 dogs that were rescued in 2009.

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  2. Avatar Of Michelle



    Those people should just be shot! No jail time. I don’t want to feed and water them! They do not deserve anything they could not give those dogs! HORRIBLE! Hope all of those dogs are going to be ok!

  3. Avatar Of Amy Anthony

    Amy Anthony


    Sent all my comments to WLOS TV (ABC) the day this happened…all of the above comments I agree with…these poor, defenseless animal and these horrible monsters (I won’t call them humans)…and to hear that they will get only 5-year sentences just infuriates me…they need to be taken out and given “a tast degree and more temperaturese of their own medicine and see how they like it…no food,

    water, shelter, 90 degree temp and more…lie in their own bodily wastes for days, put in a ring and fight each other and see how they like it. We all must join forces that forces legislation to come down with much harsher punishment for these scum bags!!

  4. Avatar Of Dorothy



    If this is ever going to stop. the courts need to come down really hard on the people who are running this dog fighting rings. You need heavy sentences and fines not just a slap on the wrist and back on the street to just start another ring somewhere else.

  5. God will punish these heartless people.

  6. Avatar Of Amy Richey

    Amy Richey


    Hoping these people rot in hell !!

  7. Avatar Of N. Crawford

    N. Crawford


    I sure hope that the money Police seized, in the amount of $500,000 in cash is used to rehabilitate these poor pups! This is their money!

  8. Avatar Of Margaret Won

    Margaret Won


    even death is better than what hell these dogs were going through. Some and hopefully many can be rehabilitated. I hope federal laws will come into play in the prosecution of the perpetrators.
    The cruelity is unbelieveable.

  9. Avatar Of Patti



    I commend each and everyone who helped in saving all the lives of these precious dogs. Bless ALL of you! These fighting rings are worse than the “puppy mills” and those are horrible. We as people, need to keep watch out for these type of things. I’m so thankful all those dogs are being taken care of and shown the love they so much deserve!!

  10. Avatar Of Betty



    Great job but what will happen to the dogs that do not find a family to rescue them? Will they be euthanized or sent to a No Kill Shelter?

  11. I live in Indiana. was this rescue near Indianapolis?

  12. Avatar Of Louise



    They should also voluntarily relinquish the $$$ to the PRIVATE RUN (not humane society/ASPCA) rescues that will end up with these dogs to pay for their vetting, rehab and care and upkeeep until they ALL find homes.

  13. AWESOME,please keep up the good work rescuing these poor dogs and I need a follow up on their condition,so sad people have to resort to this to make money,get a f____en job like the rest of us and leave these poor innocent animals alone or just get in he ring and do it yourself..Ur a loser in the human kind…

    • Now what will they do with all these poor dogs that were trained to fight? Most will have to be put down and that’s the worst part.

      • Avatar Of Michelle



        Nope. Fortunately all of these dogs will be scanned for microchips to ensure none were former family pets, they will be tested for aggressiveness and disease, brought up to date with vaccines, sent to rehab with specialized rescues and re-homed. There maybe a few and I stress few that will be euthanized. BUt, the rescues that specialize in rehab are amazing! Try googling the Michael Vick pups you will be amazed.

        • Michelle u are so right , the Michael Vick pups and dogs came out GREAT . I still think that Michael Vick should be in prison and everyone else that was connected to that mess . The ASPCA are a great group of folks , God Bless all of u , u are all SPECIAL PEOPLE . The money that was found in this raid should be given to taken care of these dogs . God Bless u all .

      • Avatar Of Karine



        Read again! The dogs are receiving help! I’m sorry to see your negative attitude !

  14. Avatar Of Amy



    That is awesome news..now my concern is even they were arrested will the receive any punishment or a slap on the hand…we have to let them know they will be punished ..or it swill continue

    • I think anyone doing this to any dogs should get life in prison , no dog deserves to go through life like this . Dogs are made to love and give good care to , and to these IDIOTS GET A JOB OR GET IN THE RING YOURSELF !!!11

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