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4 Meaty Jerky Treats That Are Safe (and Delicious!) For Your Dog

As you have most certainly learned by now, multiple brands, flavors, and styles of jerky-style dog treats imported from China have resulted in the deaths of nearly 600 dogs and the serious illness of thousands more.But, because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to discover a contaminate, or the source of what’s making dogs sick, they are unable to force a recall and these products continue to fly off store shelves and into the mouths of our pets.

But, not all jerky treats are bad. Those made in the USA, from wholesome, healthy ingredients and real meat can be a wonderful, drool-worthy dog treat.

With all this buzz about chicken jerky treats imported from China, a lot of readers are asking us: What treats ARE safe for my dog?

So, here they are – 4 meaty treats we guarantee your dog will love, that are not just safe, but healthy and delicious, too!

1. Clear Conscience Pet’s Sliders®
Sliders are made in the USA in government inspected plants. Made with American Beef from humane-audited ranches, or vegetarian fed, hormone & antibiotic-free chicken recipes. These are the first tender moist pet treats with NO glycerin or “vegetable” glycerin, NO propylene glycol, and NO sugars or syrups. And, of course there are no grains, gluten meals, or other high carb fillers. Just delicious, healthy, real food.

I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t LOVE Sliders, and even use them as a “high value reward” when training my own dogs. (And, yes, I’ve even eaten a Slider or two… they’re delicious, human grade, and all natural!)

Available in Beef & Cheddar and Chicken & Cheddar recipes, either sliced in 4 oz packages or in individually vacuum packed TenderStikz™.
To learn more, visit www.ClearConsciencePet.com.


2. Merrick Pet Care’s Real Cuts Jerky Strips
Just like Merrick’s premium dog food, their treats are made in the USA with absolutely no ingredients from China. These American-sourced, American-made real jerky cuts are rawhide-free and contain no artificial flavors or fillers. They’re a naturally delicious dog treat you can feel good about giving.

Available in 4 drool-worthy flavors: Chicken, Beef, Sausage, and Liver, these safe, healthy, protein-rich jerky treats will have your dog begging for more!
To learn more, visit www.MerrickPetCare.com.


3. Baked Earth Bison Love Bites Jerky
All of Baked Earth’s dog treats are made with love in the USA, with ONLY U.S. or Canadian sourced ingredients. The bakery goes above and beyond to ensure their treats do not contain added preservatives, artificial hormones or GMOs. Produce is grown with heirloom seeds or seeds that have not been artificially modified and all animals are pasture raised; free to graze and forage.

And, their newest product, Bison Love Bites are made with one single ingredient: pasture-raised bison heart. That’s it. Just pure, healthy meat, dehydrated to give it that perfect jerky texture dogs enjoy.

Baked Earth also makes an assortment of real meat protein barks in Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Lamb, for a crunchy jerky treat your dog will love. What’s more, Baked Earth’s meat is all sourced from farms within 10-miles of their Akron, Ohio kitchen! And, a portion of all sales is donated to animal rescue and welfare organizations.
To learn more, visit www.BakedEarthDog.com.


4. Castor & Pollux Good Buddy Jerky Sticks
Castor & Pollux, the folks most famous for their organic and all natural pet foods, created the Good Buddy Jerky Sticks for pet parents looking for a natural, healthy jerky-style treat. Made using rye flour instead of wheat, these treats are particularly good for pets with allergies.

Made with love in the USA, these treats are made with real, USA-sourced beef and all-natural ingredients, no fillers or preservatives.
To learn more, visit www.CastorPolluxPet.com.




For the health and safety of your dog, please, avoid any and all treats, foods, and supplements that are made in, imported from, or that use ingredients sourced from China. Look for brands, like those above, that value your dog’s life and well-being, that create wholesome, healthy products that dog’s love, and that only use locally sourced ingredients.




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