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4 Years Later, Man Who Brutally Tortured, Killed Ollie the Pit Bull Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

More than four years after the brutal abuse, torture, and ultimate death of Ollie the Pit Bull, his abuser has finally admitted to his crimes—but not before a plea deal that reduced his possible 170-year sentence to just 10 years behind bars. Since he’s already served four years, Ollie’s killer could walk free in just six more.

Brendan Evans plead guilty to the torture and death of Ollie the Pit Bull. Images via Justice for Ollie | Facebook

Dog lovers around the world watched, waited, and prayed for Ollie, a pit bull found brutally beaten and stabbed at least 50-times before being shoved into a suitcase and abandoned behind a building in Hollywood, Florida. A good Samaritan discovered the suitcase and the gruesome scene inside and immediately called police. Ollie was rushed to VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital for treatment, where he underwent multiple surgeries for his unimaginable wounds.

Sadly, despite the efforts of veterinarians and the prayers of millions, Ollie succumbed to his injuries, taking his final breath on October 12, 2017. Despite his horrific injuries, Ollie remained sweet, trusting, and friendly during the two days he spent at the animal hospital, and his tail never stopped wagging, his caretakers said.

Brendan Evans, now 35, was arrested on November 22, 2017, after DNA evidence found on the suitcase where Ollie was found led police to his home. While executing a search warrant of Evans’ apartment, police discovered multiple dead animals, including several dismembered rats and cat paws. Police noted blood spatter on the walls of the apartment and in a bedroom, and reported finding what appeared to be animal fur in the oven, jars of animal urine, and unidentified organs in the freezer.

In addition, police found knives and a machete with dried animal blood and an 8-pointed star and candlelit shrine with torn pieces of the Crimestoppers flyer about Ollie’s death along with a handwritten note that read, “Make the entire pit bull investigation go away. Return all curses placed on Brendan to their sender. Give Brendan peace of mind.”

Police also found one of Ollie’s teeth inside Evans’ wallet.

In February of 2017, a Fort Lauderdale officer spotted Evans trying to kick a duck and her ducklings. When questioned, Evans told the officer he wanted to kill the ducks because he practices voodoo, police said. And, in June of that year, Evans purchased two kittens through a Delray Beach Craigslist ad. The kitten seller called police to express concerns when Evans contacted her a few days later requesting more kittens.

Evans was never charged or arrested in connection with prior accusations of animal abuse against him. But, the animal abuser did have a lengthy criminal record including arrests ranging from felony drug possession, DUI, domestic violence, and was serving 15 years probation following a 2015 bank robbery in Brooksville, Florida when he was arrested in connection with Ollie’s mutilation and death. Fingerprints taken during the search of his apartment also linked him to a residential burglary earlier that year.

Upon his arrest, Evans was charged with 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Each charge carried a 10-year maximum sentence meaning Evans would potentially spend the next 170 years in jail if found guilty.

However, on Tuesday, more than four years after the brutal attack on Ollie, prosecutors dropped 15 of the 17 charges against Evans in exchange for his guilty plea.

After pleading guilty, Evans was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crimes—a mere blink in time when compared to the 170 years he was facing four years ago. Was justice served?




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