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Starving Dog Found Locked In Closet By New Homeowners

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Image from Caribou Police Department via Yahoo

While remodeling their recently acquired home in Maine, a couple recently came across an unexpected visitor: an abandoned puppy.

The malnourished pit bull mix was found by the new owners inside a closet, where it appeared to have been left for an unknown period of time.

According to Caribou Police Officer Douglas Bell, the dog was in need of food and medical attention when authorities arrived on the scene on November 9, and it was acting aggressively.

The age of the dog and how long it had been in the closet are unresolved questions to Caribou Police.

“Once the humane society looks at him, we’ll have a better idea of whether he’s suffered any infections or serious injuries,” Bell said. “Once we’re able to interview the owner and know the dog’s condition, we’ll have a better idea of what we might charge them with.”

Bell reported that the Caribou police are continuing to pursue information about two people who might be the dog’s owners. Since both of the people are believed to be homeless and were not the previous owners of the house, he chose not to reveal the address where the dog was discovered.

Depending on the severity of the animal’s medical condition, those arrested for these kinds of allegations may face cruelty or aggravated cruelty to animals charges under Maine law. A conviction could result in a $500 fine for each infraction as well as liability for the animal’s medical costs.

The person could also be barred by a court from having a pet or working with animals for at least five years.

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