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4th Of July For Dogs: Dog-friendly Events You Can’t Miss

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The 4th of July, Independence Day, is just around the corner. Although us, hoomans, have fun celebrating it with a lot of fireworks, we can’t say the same for our furry, four-legged friends.

As dog parents and lovers, we have to agree on the fact that fireworks displays and loud noises during the 4th of July are far from a dog’s idea of a good time.

Dog In Glasses Holding The American Flag In Its Mouth
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However, there are a plethora of ways to make the 4th of July for dogs fun while being safe, like dog-friendly, fireworks-free events!

In this article, we’ve listed down the best dog-friendly events you can attend to celebrate freedom with your furry friend. Continue reading below to find them out!

4th Of July For Dogs: The Importance of Dog-Friendly Events

The usual celebrations during the 4th of July for dogs can be stressful and, potentially, dangerous. That’s why dog-friendly events during this celebration hold significant importance for several reasons, including:

Three Sheltie Dogs Dressed In Patriotic Attire During A 4Th Of July Event
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  • Providing a safer and more controlled environment. This is because one of the main objectives of these events is the safety and comfort of our pets. And events like this reduce the risk of pets becoming frightened, anxious or even injured.
  • Creating opportunities to build stronger bonds. Since these 4th of July events are inclusive of our pets, they create opportunities for families and their dogs to enjoy the festivities together, promoting and forging a sense of unity and togetherness.
  • Promoting positive pet experiences. The 4th of July celebrations usually involve a lot of fireworks, which can be overwhelming and stressful for dogs. However, dog-friendly events are different. They can offer alternative activities that are safe, comfortable, and fun. Which in turn, help dogs associate the celebration with happy and fun memories.
  • Providing socialization opportunities. Socializing your dog is very important. And events like these provide opportunities for your dog to socialize with various other pets, people, objects, environment and situations.
  • Raising awareness about important dog-related topics. Events like these serve as perfect opportunities to educate people about important topics. Organizations and professionals can share important information and promote responsible pet ownership, adoption, pet health care, training techniques, etc.

Top Dog-friendly 4th of July Events Across the Country

The 4Th Of July For Dogs Events
Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Here are some safe and fun events on the 4th of July for dogs. See below to find the best event to bring your furry friend to!

1. Fireworks-Free 4th of July at Cannon Beach

Time: Morning till night

Location: Cannon Beach, OR

The 4th of July for dogs at Cannon Beach is fun-filled AND fireworks-free! Starting 2021, Cannon Beach became a haven for families and their pets to come and celebrate Independence day by the beach, without all the fireworks.

You can come by the beach any time of the day with your family and furry friends. You can grill, bond with family, enjoy the sunset and maybe even start a bonfire in the evening! You can also participate in their parade that starts at 11 AM.

While celebrating 4th of July by the ocean sounds a lot of fun, do not forget to keep your dog safe at the beach.

2. Bandera Annual 4th of July Pet Parade

Time: 9:00 AM (Registration) | 10:00 AM (Parade)

Location: Bandera City Park, TX

This annual pet parade is on its 27th year this 2023. And the admission is free! This pet parade is not only for dogs, but for ALL pets. All owners and their animals are welcome, whether it’s cats, birds, horses, cows or even llamas!

Have no pet but still want to join in the fun? No problem! Hoomans with no pets can come and are even encouraged to get creative and dress up as one.

The Bandera Annual Pet Parade is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July for dogs, especially if you love dressing up your furry friend. The parade starts at 10 AM but registration starts at 9 AM so it’s better to arrive early if you plan on attending.

3. Eastview Park’s 4th of July Bark Party

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Location: Eastview Park, Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA

The 4th of July for dogs in Southern California is about to be barking awesome with this Bark Party at Eastview Park.

This dog-friendly party will host different games, activities, crafts, photo boots, and giveaways. And aside from these fun activities, you can also receive a raffle ticket if you donate pet food, toys and other essentials for a local shelter.

In addition to all of these, you can dress up your furry friends in their most patriotic costume for the Bark Party’s dog parade! And admission is FREE.

4. AVAM’s July 4th Pet Parade and Talent Show

Time: 8:30 AM (Registration) | 9:00 AM (Parade)

Location: American Visionary Art Museum’s (AVAM) Whirligig Plaza, Baltimore, MD

All pets and their owners are welcome to join the festivities at this Pet Parade and Talent Show at the AVAM’s Whirligig Plaza. You and your furry friend can join the pet parade and can either watch or participate in the pet talent show.

Put on your most patriotic and creative costume as trophies are going to be awarded for the parade and talent show. Some of the trophies include: Most Patriotic, Star-Spangled, Yankee Doodle Dandy Pet Award, and Ready-for-Prime-Time Pet Talent.

5. 4th of July Family & Dog Parade

Time: 9:30 AM (Registration) | 11:00 AM (Parade)

Location: Recreation Center, Foster City, CA

Want to join a 4th of July parade with your family and your furry friend? Then the 4th of July Family & Dog Parade is just the event for you!

Admission to the parade is free and you can watch the parade and dog shows. And if you want, you can dress up your pooch and enter in the parade’s contests that include: most patriotic, dog owner look-a-like, most beautiful and handsome, and fastest eater.

Safety Tips When Attending Dog-Friendly Events On The 4th of July

Did you know that more pets go missing during the 4th of July weekend than any time of the year? As a matter of fact, the country sees a 30 to 60% increase in lost pets between July 4th and 6th.

This is no surprise, since the loud noise of the fireworks is terrifying to our pets, especially dogs. And even the goodest of boys and girls can run away when they get surprised or scared.

Entire Family, Including The Dog, Are Celebrating The 4Th Of July
Editorial credit: Badon Hill Studio / Shutterstock.com

And while dog-friendly events are flexible and cater to the safety of pets, it’s still important to prepare and ensure the well-being of your furry friend.

Here are some safety tips to make the 4th of July for dogs safe AND fun:

  1. Use a leash at all times. Keeping your dog on a leash at all times will prevent them from running away and getting lost.
  2. Ensure that your dog’s identification information is up-to-date. Make sure that the ID tag on their leash is updated. And if your furry friend is not microchipped yet, you may want to consider this before attending an event. Better safe than sorry!
  3. Update vaccinations. In crowded areas, there is always a higher risk of exposure to different diseases.
  4. Stay hydrated and watch out for the temperature. Heat stroke is a serious problem in the summer, especially since dogs are more susceptible to it than humans. And heat in crowded places can be no joke. So make sure your furry friend stay hydrated and watch out for any signs of heat stroke!
  5. Be mindful of other dogs. While dog-friendly events are open to all dogs and their hoomans, you can never be too sure on how other dogs will react being around others. So it’s best to be mindful of other furry friends and be respectful of their personal space.
  6. Stay vigilant. ALWAYS keep an eye out on your dog. If you notice that they’re acting strange or are becoming anxious or stressed, then it’s best to remove them from the event and seek veterinary assistance, if necessary.

While the 4th of July for dogs can be comfortable and fun, your furry friend’s safety should be your top priority. If you think they’re starting to feel anything but comfortable, then maybe it’s just best to head back in the comfort of your home.


Happy Pomeranian Dog Very Comfortable In Float Decorated With Red, White, And Blue For July 4Th
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Opt out on the fireworks, create lasting memories and bond with your furry friend this 4th of July!

Do not leave your furry friend behind when celebrating Independence day. The 4th of July for dogs can be a fun time if you participate in dog-friendly events, like the ones we listed down in this article.

How do you plan to celebrate the 4th of July with your dogs this year? Do you have any safety tips for other fur parents? Will you visit any of the events we mentioned? Share it with us below!

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