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5 Dogs Left in a Hot Car Die in Walmart Parking Lot

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Five more beautiful four-legged babies are dead after their owner left the pack trapped in a hot car during a shopping trip to the Dothan, Alabama Walmart store on Tuesday evening.

Dothan First reported that four of the dogs died in the car while the fifth had to be euthanized by a veterinarian after suffering irreparable injuries due to heat exhaustion.

No one has been charged in the dogs’ deaths as police investigate the incident. The dogs’ owner claims to have left the vehicle running and the air conditioner on for the dogs. But, she says one of the dogs bumped into the controls and accidentally turned the vehicle’s heater on. Dothan Police have not confirmed the owner’s story.

Reporters were told by witnesses that concerned customers busted out the car’s window in an attempt to save the dogs, but reached them too late.

The weather outside was approximately 80-degrees at the time of the dogs’ deaths.

Because dogs do not sweat, aside from a small amount through their paw pads, they depend on breathing and panting to exchange warm air for cool air. When the air temperature is as warm or warmer than their body temperature – such as inside a vehicle parked in the sun – they are unable to cool themselves and can very quickly enter heat stroke.

Heat stroke is an emergency and, when left untreated, is an excruciatingly painful way for a dog to perish. During severe heat stroke, dogs will pant heavily, have difficulty breathing, and begin to vomit. They will often pass loose, bloody stools before collapsing and having seizures. Eventually the dog will enter a coma and die. Many times, even if a dog is rescued before death, permanent damage to the heart, kidneys, or brain is possible.

Although the temperature outside may be nice, it only takes a few minutes for a car parked in the sun, even with the windows opened, to become an oven to a dog.

Please, remind friends and family to not leave dogs in parked cars, even when the weather is nice, even for only a few minutes.

If you cannot take the dog inside with you, leave them at home.

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  2. Avatar Of Viochita Fea

    Viochita Fea


    Must have been a cute white girl who did this. I guarantee if it was a black man he’d be arrested for the very real crime of animal cruelty. Arrest this girl!!!!

  3. How in the world can someone be so stupid as to take five dogs on a shopping trip and leave them in a car!! Why don’t they use their brains that God gave them.
    They would have been better off at home where you know it is cool without running a car for an hour and putting gases into the air. This is not right either.
    Why in hell , is beyond me, now your best friends who trusted you are gone.
    And it is the owners fault. Jail her.

  4. Avatar Of Regina Arch Regina Arch says:

    If the police do no arrest the owner of these dogs, shame on them. This happens over and over and over again. Until there is a charge and jail time put on this crime of animal abuse, it will continue to happen.
    There should be a HUGE fine, and a good amount of jail time.
    It should be against the law to have your animals in a ca while you are out shopping, or running around . When are people going to treat animals as living beings that have rights too????? Freakin idiot!!!

  5. Avatar Of Donna Cox Donna Cox says:

    even if you park in the shade and crack a window the dogs would still get to hot ,they have all that fur it’s like wearing a fur coat in an oven .leave them at home

  6. One thing to also consider, with 5 dogs closed up in this car, the quicker the temperature inside rises….Like being in a room with several people everyone’s body heats up faster….Unbelievable, people although told, they STILL do this…Shame on this woman for doing this to her dogs. I hope this city has strict laws and they will prosecute her. RIP Pups <3

  7. Avatar Of D. Weiler D. Weiler says:

    The dogs’ owner should be punished for letting her dogs be in the car on a hot day! Most people know better than to do this!!!! Maybe she’ll learn not to do this, I hope!!!

  8. Avatar Of Adrienne Camfield

    Adrienne Camfield


    I would park in the shade and crack a window. I don’t like to leave my dogs alone anyway. All 5 dogs, awfully weird. How long was she gone? It seems too strange that all 5 died. Could someone have sprayed something at them? All 5, you know.Too strange.

    • Avatar Of Jen



      Even with a window cracked in the shade it can still get way too hot inside a vehicle. Why is it strange that all 5 dogs died? They were practically in a furnace . If it is 80 degrees outside then it gets to be over 100 degrees inside vehicle in a very short amount of time. Sorry for the dogs, they suffered greatly.

    • Avatar Of Denise Bligh

      Denise Bligh


      Even in the shade with the windows open your dog can die. Don’t EVER leave them in a car.

    • not if you leave them in a car in 80 degree heat I dare you t sit in a car without the air conditioning and window cracked pen and time how long you can stand it for
      and see how you feel

    • Avatar Of Jeanne Doyle Jeanne Doyle says:

      Please, parking in the shade and cracking a window DOES NOT help at all!! Please, if its over 70, leave your animals at home, they’re trusting you to take care of them.

    • Avatar Of Dog Advocate

      dog advocate


      you can kill your dogs, if you leave them in a car with cracked windows, even in the shade, when the weather is hot …. get an outdoor thermometer for the inside of your car, sit in the window cracked car and SEE how FAST the heat rises !!!!
      EVERYONE who owns dogs SHOULD have a LARGE TEMP GAUGE in their car to remind them how HOT IT IS IN THERE!!

  9. Avatar Of Denise



    Stupid bitch, lock her sorry ass in a hot car. Charges need to be filed NOW!

  10. Avatar Of Charidy Charidy says:

    How is it that charges have to been filed? This disgusts me. there was no way the dogs changed the DIAL… THEY DO NOT HAVE THUMBS!!! Someone needs to leave her dumb ass in a hot car! Please tell me that she did not breed and have more humans and PLEASE MAKE SURE SHE NEVER HAS ANOTHER DOG!

  11. Avatar Of Jenny Blakeman

    jenny blakeman


    You shouldn’t ever leave any pets in the car st all because it is dangerous for the animals…

  12. I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely loved every
    little bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…

  13. Avatar Of Squire



    I never take my dog with me to a place they can’t go in. They go with me to work since I work at a boarding and daycare facility, to Petsmart, and Home Depot since all those allow dogs inside. If I go anywhere else though my fur baby stays home where she has plenty of water and cool air. That woman needs to be thrown in jail for the death of those poor dogs.

  14. Avatar Of Toni



    I ment 55lb fur baby

  15. Avatar Of Toni



    Im not going to lie last winter end of november me and my husband moved from florida to michigan and in ohio our Tire went dull we had to get a replacement. We had a two hour wait and our vehicle at the time had Busted out windows with no running heat so we have been freezing since georgia…we had to leave our dog in the car but i felt so bad and checked on her often after about a half n hour i asked if we could bring her in already knowing walmarts policies luckly they were nice enough to let her join us inside And every gas station we stopped t let her in as well. We had emergencie lankets for her and. Was cuddling ith my 555lb fur baby to keep her warm we even.took adtvantage of The rest area air hand dyers….That lady should of kept a closer eye on her pups

  16. Avatar Of Meme



    You stupid cunts. You backward inbred deserve to burn

  17. Avatar Of Sharon



    So what, she had a 2 hour emergency shopping trip? I would never leave my dog unattended in a car even with it turned on because it could accidently die and then get hot. Quit making excuses for stupid people. My car broke down once. I stood outside with my dogs until family arrived to pick us up.

  18. Avatar Of Teresa Ann Neff

    Teresa Ann Neff


    She is not telling the truth…it obivious…just search…ac to heat…hhhmmmmmm may God bless her.

    • Avatar Of Chrystal Hays

      Chrystal Hays


      It’s possible the owner used to “auto-start feature” to start it once she was out with doors locked. Auto start features kill the engine after ten minutes.
      If that is the case, I hope this gets even more publicity to educate car owners.

  19. Avatar Of Lesal Conte lesal conte says:

    NOPE !! sorry !! ya don’t leave the dogs in the hot car,not for any reason,not for any time !!

  20. Avatar Of Linda



    I don’t play around with people doing that anymore. If I see a dog in a car with the windows cracked I watch the car and give the owner 5 minutes.(unless you see the animal is in distress) If they don’t come out by then I go in and tell the manager to make an anouncement that they need to get the dogs out of the car. After that if nobody comes out then call the police and break the damn window out.

  21. Avatar Of Lisa



    I read elsewhere that she was in the store for two hours. So I don’t buy that story that she left the A/C on. I think she’s trying to cover her ass. What a moron. Throw her in the clink.

  22. Avatar Of Alexis S

    alexis s


    Not just the south, its all over. NJ, we have mothers who leave babies in hot cars in summertime. Just Google Lakewood NJ and rash of childrsn left in cars. One mother “forgot” her kid was even in the car.I have seen some peoples’ cars with animals in them, but noy for long,911, and/or the store managers get smoned immediately.

  23. Avatar Of Jennifer Perez

    Jennifer Perez


    If you are going to go shopping you should leave your dogs at home. If you had to take the dogs somewhere say the vets you go home first and drop them off. What is so hard to understand about that?

  24. Avatar Of Petra S

    Petra S


    Not defending this instance, which “appears” to be a shopping trip, but when all the claws come out bear in mind that sometimes people have no choice but to leave dogs in a car. People & pets can be caught in sudden, extremely difficult circumstances. Recently, I was traveling (relocating) with my dogs when my truck (my Dogmobile) engine blew on I-40. Fortunately, it happened around 6pm near Flagstaff, AZ. The next day, I was forced to leave the dogs in the truck at the garage while I rented a car. 2nd fortunately, the garage where my truck was parked had a big shade tree & ample cross-breeze for my truck’s shell’s sliding windows. It was a perfect scenario. I hate to think what would have happened had the truck blown in Needles or Barstow. I travel at night specifically because of the dogs, but such an issue can extend for hours. The motel next to the garage would not allow multiple pets or pets to be left alone. So, please, bear in mind that people & pets can be caught in unexpected, extremely difficult circumstances…. & sometimes no one is willing to help. Conscientious pet lovers do the best they can, but there are times when there are no good options.

    • Avatar Of Joan Diwney

      joan diwney


      Get a grip petra there is absolutely no excuse to keave a dog in a hot car. What if u had a child wuld u keave him or her also. Sorry but if u cant take care if tem dont get one

    • Avatar Of Vanessa




      You don’t go shopping and leave your dogs in the car. Period.
      Anyone who does that should never, ever be allowed to own a pet.

    • Avatar Of Jennifer Perez

      Jennifer Perez


      I will agree with Petra there are sometimes unforeseen things that happen, like if your traveling and your vehicle breaks down and you are not allowed to take the pet into the car rental store etc. Those situations tho do not happen often. Also in those situations you can and should pull them out of the vehicle and take them with you. If you cant take them into car rental etc. then its a matter of simply finding and asking someone to watch your pet quickly or even try and explain the situation to a employee within the car rental place. I am sure you could find at least one kind heart person to take a few minutes to half hour to watch the pet while you fill out the paperwork for a rental. In this case tho it wasn’t a emergency or situation where you don’t have many options. Going shopping is not an emergency. People just try and do to many things to fast and end up taking shortcuts. In this case she probably couldn’t be bothered to take them home first before going shopping. It unfortunately cost five dogs lives.

      • Avatar Of Digi



        Two hour shopping trips don’t just have to happen! There was no excuse for this! They have security cameras that will prove how long she was there and will also show if the car was left running. It’s just a shame no one saw them sooner to break the window and save the poor things!

        • Avatar Of Jennifer Perez

          Jennifer Perez


          As I previously said, emergencies and unforeseen things do happen from time to time but they do not happen often and you can always find a better solution then to just leaving your pets in a car. Also to be honest it really does not matter what her excuse is. That she left AC on , whatever. It does not matter how long she let them in the car. The real issue is that people still believe leaving them in the car is an option at all when it shouldn’t be if you care at all for your pets.

          • Avatar Of Ally



            My dog is as important to me as any child is to his/her mother. Would you leave a child in the truck at the garage? Please don’t take offense to this; I just feel very passionately about how pets are perceived in the family. It frustrates me that many people consider pets unimportant in times of crises. Look at how many people left their pets behind to die during Hurricane Katrina. I would (and have) run into a burning building to save my animals. Wouldn’t anyone do that for their children?

    • Avatar Of Tw



      There is no excuse at all, do not take any excuse that you cannot take your dog/s with you. The rental place will come outside the door to do the paperwork. It all depends on how determined you are to keep your pets safe. Deal with it and never leave them alone in a vehicle.

    • Avatar Of Jennifer Ingman

      jennifer ingman


      Petra,yours was a situation over which you had no control.You did not leave your dog in a car while you wandered aimlessly around Walmart for over 2 hours.Totally different circumstance.

    • Avatar Of Shannon



      Oh please!! Is shopping a crisis?? No. The bottom line – she HAD plenty of time to think it over BEFORE going to stores. You cannot compare THIS with life-threatening situations. It’s not same. You’re blowing this out of proportion. Do not pity her – she obviously intentionally overestimated herself in that situation. If those 5 dogs were kids – would you be saying the same thing? That proves my point. I understand your feeling bad about this – I do, BUT for those dogs who had to suffer (seriously, it’s not boo-hoo kind of suffer, it was EXTREMELY distressing), plus it wasn’t quick, at all! Not giving any sympathies toward that woman.

    • Avatar Of Efesgirl



      “No good options” sounded the death knell for those five suffering dogs. Who knows how many other stores that woman might have shopped in, before reaching Walmart, while those dogs sat in the car. Anyone consider that possibility? And, someone who is shopping in Walmart for TWO HOURS is NOT there out of sheer necessity.

    • Avatar Of Mary Howe

      Mary Howe


      A 2-hour shopping trip to WalMart is no emergency

    • Avatar Of Terri G

      Terri G


      Extreme circumstances are one thing but shopping for 2 freaking hours in Walmart is not an extreme circumstance. I can see the reason behind why you had to do it, but to even attempt to make excuses for that sorry excuse of a human being is beyond reasoning. She was shopping in Walmart, not broken down somewhere with no other resource.

    • Avatar Of Lisa And Russell Johnson

      Lisa and Russell Johnson


      I have to agree with you. I know most people don’t and that dummy who said “if you had kids would you leave them?” Ummm last time I checked, kids were allowed in stores/hospitals/other places that animals AREN’T….

      I have a friend whose 9 yr old daughter occasionally has seizures. They aren’t severe and don’t normally require medical attention but one day on her way home from the vet her daughter had a seizure and she needed medical help immediately. My friend pulled over on the side of the road and called 911, he daughter was taken to the hospital via ambulance and she followed in her car… with the dog. She wasn’t going to travel the 45 mins in the other direction to bring the dog to her house and then back 45 mins to get to the hospital while her child was in serious condition and alone. She called me to come get the dog. I couldn’t get there for a few hours- I run a home daycare and have 8 children of my own. I couldn’t just leave them and had to wait for someone to come cover for me– Anyway, it was July in New England so it was hot. She parked under a tree and once her daughter was stable kept going to check on the dog and bring him water. In the end both the dog and the daughter were fine but def not a situation where she really had any other choice but to leave the dog in the car.

      Yes this ONE person is a deadbeat who doesn’t deserve to have a pet but I’m saying for all of you “there is NO EXCUSE” people that sometimes things DO happen….

  25. Avatar Of Sue F Sue F says:

    This idiot douchebag should be charged and rot in jail for the rest of her sorry life for leaving and killing five innocent dogs! I just cannot stand someone like her who has no COMMON SENSE at all and cannot believe the freaking Dothan Police did not arrest her – what the hell are they waiting for! My heart breaks for the poor furbabies whose lives were taking away so soon by an idiot douchebag – RIP and Heaven gains 5 beautiful furry angels!

    • Avatar Of Ruth De La Cerda

      Ruth De La Cerda


      Look where this happened. Now you understand why she is so stupid and the fact that she is free. Dothan Police? Puhleeze!

  26. Avatar Of Jacke Barr Smith

    jacke barr smith


    This is happening over and over. Where do all of these stupid people come from?
    I would never take my baby and leave her in the car while I shop. The owner of the 5 dogs is stupid beyond belief. We all need to band together and keep after lawmakers until there are stricter laws for those that abuse animals
    in any way. This makes me so sad.

    • Avatar Of Vanessa



      I agree. I am appalled that there are no charges against her.
      That’s the South for you.

      • Avatar Of Kandace



        Ok Vanessa, I grew up in the South and have lived in Wi and Pa most of my adult life and there are idiots every where. Stay on topic and don’t make it a Southern/Northern debate!! What time era are you living in?

  27. Avatar Of Martha Douglas

    Martha Douglas


    Lock the bitch in a hot car and let her die.

  28. Avatar Of Pete



    You can tell she’s an idiot because she spent two whole hours in a Walmart, after just five minutes I need to get the hell out!

  29. Avatar Of B Pryor

    B Pryor


    Omg really your excuse is you left the car running,I can’t stand STUPID people and if you think that it’s O.K to let an animal inside of a hot car that is exactly what you are. There is no excuse for doing this, maybe someone should lock your butt inside a hot car and let you see what those poor babies went through while you where shopping.

  30. Avatar Of Ingrid Pruneau

    Ingrid Pruneau


    How are people this stupid? Who takes 5 dogs to Walmart in 80 degree weather? What goes through your mind as you wonder the isles in air conditioned comfort? Oh wait, NOT A DAMN THING! What makes you think your fur babies are interested in Walmart?
    Cruelty? Murder. Make the charges fit the crime. Boiling 5 dogs alive from the inside should mean life.
    No excuse is good enough to leave your animal in a car. PERIOD!

  31. Avatar Of Doc Nyto

    Doc Nyto


    She was in Walmart for TWO HOURS. I do not believe her story that she left the car running. Who does that for 2 hours. She is being charged with 5 counts of animal cruelty … A misdemeanor!!! Way under charged. She could serve one year in jail but probably won’t. Who stays in Walmart for 2 hours??? Maybe mental health issues.

  32. Avatar Of Kathryn Baker

    kathryn Baker


    do not depend on leaving the car running and the a/c on…..police dogs have died from cops doing this very same thing. don’t take your dogs with you unless you are going somewhere that they can go inside with you, otherwise leave them in the safety of your home.

  33. Avatar Of Rhonda



    people wake up,if you wont sit in a hot car with a crack in the window,dont expect anything else to either.use your heads think,leave animals at home during spring,summer,months.

  34. Avatar Of Patricia Jennings

    Patricia Jennings


    I am 70 yrs. of age and still do not understand why people have children or animals who do not want to take care of them. Our family is a family made up of 5 chosen children. Only one of children was gotten at birth. Two of our children were two years of age when we got them, one at 5.5 years and the other 3.5 years. Three had been physically abused mentally abused. Two had been sexually abused. When serving a church in a small town someone came by and threw out a 4 week old puppy, We had him for 14 yrs. he had scars on his body for the rest of his life. We then had someone to dump a cat they gave birth to 5 kittens two weeks later. She had an injured leg and nice vet took care of her and removed her leg before she gave birth. The vet knew we had no money, so he did it for no fee. All of this could have been avoided if humans had cared enough to care for all of God’s creatures. Now because of humans selfishness one son has been unable to even feed himself or anything for himself. Another barely walks with the help of long leg braces. Another son has to have 1.1 care at all times. Look at the pictures of these poor animals. It is time we step up HAVE LAWS and ENFORCE them.

  35. Avatar Of Froggboots



    IDIOTS LEAVE THEIR DOGS IN THE CAR. WHAT? Their house was too full?

  36. Avatar Of Froggboots



    What idiots. Never take your dogs with you and leave them in the car unless there is snow on the ground, you dumb f**ks

  37. Avatar Of Deb Breuer Deb Breuer says:

    I doubt her explaination VERY much.

  38. Avatar Of Linus



    Oh good grief. I frequently have cats in the car. I foster felines, so at least once a week I’m at the vet or an adoption event. I would NEVER leave my cats in the car unattended. Period. I don’t care if it’s 35 degrees and snowing outside, I just won’t do it. If I need something on my way home from an event I bring the cat into the store, or I don’t stop. If I have another adult with me I will sometimes make a quick stop if the weather is good and the hatchback can be opened. The other person sits in the back with the cats (in carriers, of course!) and entertains them for a few minutes.

  39. Avatar Of Sonja



    More idiots – throw the book at her – 5 counts of Manslaughter – she would probably do this to her kids too! How sad and what a lame story about the air conditioner – leave the dogs at home stupid!!!!

  40. Avatar Of Courtney



    why are ppl so stupid leave your animals at home if u have to go somewhere its no use bringing your pets to a store where they are not allowed in and you know you know you would be in there a long period of time it common since ppl these days…the owner needs to go to jail and never should be allowed to own another animal again

  41. Avatar Of Linda



    I am so sick and tired of stupid people. If you want to take your dogs, put them in a crate & leave the windows open. If it is too hot outside, leave them home. What a jerk. I hope they arrest the owner, fine them & put them in jail. NO EXCUSE

  42. Avatar Of Shanny



    This is stupid. The people would know if the heat was on as soon as the oerson recused them. Soooo some people dont make sense.

  43. Avatar Of Tracie Culver

    Tracie Culver


    I now carry a brick in my car. I used to just call the police, go in the store and have the people paged but now i will tell the police dept that i will break the window if they can not arrive in time. No more of this. I once called police when a child was left in a car. No more of this. I will happily pay for the window too so they cant say im just breaking in. Why are people so stupid?

  44. Avatar Of Pam F. Pam F. says:

    She killed animals it is a felony, it was a felony before child abuse was check it out.

  45. Avatar Of Cheryl



    that stupid bitch should be locked in a hot vehicle. bullshit the dog bumped the control. how stupid does she think people are. and who in their right mind takes 5 dogs with them when they know they are going shopping. leave the dogs at home. you dont fool me lady. i see right through you and your lies. i hope you get arrested and go to jail..

  46. Avatar Of Fur Mom

    Fur mom


    The dog accidentally turned the heat on? Please! How can a dog twist an ac control? I hope she goes to jail for this! This is not acceptable! When are people gonna realize this? It’s like leaving a child in a hot car! Stop and think people!

  47. Avatar Of Becky Wurzel

    Becky Wurzel


    They should be charged a felony crime for this! There is no excuse for this happening. If you want to take the dogs for a ride, take them for a ride. If you want to go shoppimg, do so, and leave the animals home!

  48. Avatar Of Ruth Ann

    Ruth Ann


    I have no patience or sympathy for stupid people. People who abuse their pets, (and yes leaving a pet in a hot car is abuse) should be subject to the same abuse that they gave their pets. So this person needs to be locked in a hot car.

    And why in the world would you take 5 dogs shopping to begin with, even if you are leaving them in the car. I won’t even take my husband shopping with me!

    This is just so stupid and uncaring.

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