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5 Things Dog Owners Can Always Find Coupons For

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By Tiara Rea-Palmer, Head of Retail Relations at CouponFollow

Our puppers are our best friends. They clean our crumbs off plates (and sometimes floors), they cuddle with us when we need hugs, and they do adorable things that make us laugh every day.


But let’s face it: pets of any kind can be expensive! For dogs, you have the cost of vet visits, food, leashes, collars, flea and tick meds, crates, toys, and so much more. We don’t mind paying the cost so we can continue to love and spoil our doggos, but the money we spend can reach an average of $1,300 per year!

Wouldn’t you like to save a bit on that?

Lucky for you, CouponFollow has rounded up some tips and tricks. Here are 5 things all dog owners should always use coupons on and some deals you can use right now too!

Dog Food

This is a no-brainer, because it’s probably the most expensive part of daily dog ownership. Feeding your pup the best quality dog food means you are considering ingredients, country of manufacturer, dry vs wet, how much to feed every day…and price can sometimes be the last thing you look at. But because we’re buying so much dog food so frequently, this is the number one place to start saving.

Pet Subscription Boxes

Fido deserves a treat every now and then: why not give your pup a monthly subscription box? These super cute boxes come with delicious treats and innovative toys for your pooch, but they can sometimes cost an arm and a leg (sometimes a tail, too). Luckily, there are always discount codes available for pet subscription boxes like Barkbox, Petbox, Chewy and more, often with savings up to 50% off!

Dog Treats

Similar to dog food discounts, dog treats can really rack up the bills when you try to buy all-natural, organic, or locally-sourced products. Even if you’re just picking up a quick bone at the pet store, that can add up if you do it every week. Think about a $5 bone bought once/week: that’s $260 each year! If you have multiple pups, you’re looking at well over $500 in one treat alone.

The best tips to save on dog treats are 1) to stock up from big box stores like Petsmart when they have sitewide sales and 2) to check the sale and clearance areas when shopping to find a great bargain. Places like Marshall’s, Wal-Mart, and TJMAXX also have dog treats on sale constantly.

Dog Beds

Dog beds can range from $15 to over $200, depending on the size and features! This is an area you really want to save on if you have a big doggo or you need something with a removable cover or heated pad. Never buy a dog bed at full price, or you’ll definitely regret it. To save, wait for major holidays, use a coupon from CouponFollow, or shop discount retailers like Marshall’s and TJMAXX, which always have affordable beds on display.

Dog Medications

This is a tricky subject, but it’s the one area that adds up the fastest if you have to give your pupper monthly flea and tick treatments or your dog has health problems that require long-term medications. The best way to save on this category is to shop discount pet medication sites like 1800PetMeds, PetCareRX, Allivet, and others. These sites are already discounted from major retailers, and if you subscribe to monthly shipments, you can often save more. Plus, add a coupon from CouponFollow and you’ll never pay full price again.

Tips & Tricks for Dog Owners

In addition to the offers listed above, here are some extra tips and tricks for all dog owners to take advantage of to save even more.

  • Always look for manufacturer coupons direct on dog food bags or cans
  • Sometimes manufacturers offer mail-in rebates on their websites, so always check there as well
  • Take advantage of CouponFollow’s database of pet store coupons for savings from PetSmart, PetCo, PetMate, Amazon, Wal-Mart…and so much more
  • Stock up during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! These holidays aren’t just for humans–you can save a ton on name-brand dog food, treats, toys, and more.
  • Always, always, always sign up for the store’s email newsletter–they often send coupon codes direct to your email for as much as 20% off.
  • Subscribe & save if it’s something you buy frequently

We hope you and your doggo(s) dig these bone-i-fied savings!

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