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Linda Tellington-Jones

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Linda is the creator of The Tellington Method, a system of animal training, healing and communication that allows people to relate to animals in a deeper, more compassionate way.

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The pioneering work of Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon) has its roots in a philosophy that sees all beings — humans and animals alike — as reflections of a Divine Whole. The Tellington Method was first created 4 decades ago as a system of animal training, healing and communication that allows people to relate to animals in a deeper, more compassionate way — a way that furthers inter-species connection and honors the body, mind and spirit of both animals and their people. The Tellington Method utilizes a variety of techniques of touch, movement and body language to affect behavior, performance, and health, and to increase an animal’s willingness and ability to learn in a painless and anxiety-free environment.

Linda’s highly effective and revolutionary approach to working with animals brought her world wide recognition.

The method for horses, first developed in the 1970’s, is known as TTEAM (Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method). In the 1980’s, Tellington TTouch broadened to include the world of companion animals, developing techniques that deepen mutual trust and understanding and strengthen the human/animal bond. During this period,TTouch work was also introduced as an effective and valuable method to reduce stress in wild life rehabilitation and to enhance the well-being of animals in zoos.

As an internationally acclaimed authority on animal behavior, training and healing, Linda has given presentations and demonstrations on her TTEAM method at veterinary conferences, universities, equestrian expositions, North American Handicapped Riding Association and the Delta Society world conferences, therapeutic riding associations, Olympic training centers, wildlife rehabilitation conferences, and zoos throughout the world.

Linda has written fifteen books about TTouch and TTEAM which have been printed in twelve languages, including Getting in TTouch with Your Dog: A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance and The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs.

There are more than 1300 practitioners of the Tellington Method in twenty-six countries, as well as Tellington Method Centers in Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, the U.K. and U.S.A..

Linda and her work have been featured many times over the past eighteen years in prime time television in North American, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia and featured in innumerable publications.   In North America these include, including Equus; Practical Horseman; Modern Horse Breeding; Horseman; Good Dog; Trail Blazer; Arabian Horse World; Massage Therapy Journal; New Age Journal; Woman’s Day; ASPCA Report; American Way; American Kennel Club Gazette; Horse Illustrated; United Airlines Magazine. Major newspapers and magazines and well as horse, dog and cat publications in Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Hungary, France have covered the Tellington Method over the past 35 years.

Learn more about Linda and The Tellington Method by visiting www.ttouch.com.

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