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8 (Somewhat Surprising!) Thanksgiving Day Foods that can Kill Your Dog

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Thanksgiving is a time of love and laughter, of family and friends, of being thankful, and of course, for stuffing ourselves silly with a smorgasbord of Turkey Day treats!

That said, if your family and friends includes the four-legged variety, make sure the only foods they eat this Thanksgiving are healthy and safe. Lurking within that pumpkin pie is a deadly danger for your dog.

Use this handy-dandy infographic, from our friends at PetGiftBox as a reminder for yourself and your houseguests on what’s safe (and what’s not!) for your dog to eat.

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  1. Avatar Of Teri Melton

    Teri Melton


    Again with the garlic. Garlic is only harmful in huge quantities. The poor dogs they did the testing on had to eat an amount roughly the size of their heads to suffer the toxic side effects. In small amounts it is very good for them. Onions however are just plain toxic. I did NOT know about sage or nutmeg, and I really appreciate that.

    • Avatar Of Wild Cat

      Wild Cat


      don’t forget that not all dogs are the same size…. a tiny toy dog has to ingest much less than a large dog, so it is better to be safe than sorry…

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