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A Dog Beloved by Soldiers Overseas Turned Up with Bullet Wounds, Paws of War Makes it a Mission to Bring Him to the U.S.

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As the world was focused on the events unfolding in Afghanistan, troops in the region were called into action getting new deployments with little or no warning. Paws of War received dozens of frantic calls from service men and women who had rescued an animal while serving overseas, and now going to be forced to leave them behind. Paws of War has over 15 rescues for our heroic service men and women currently underway.

Paws Of War Duke And Soldiers 1
Image via Paws of War

Duke is one such dog rescued near a base overseas. He is a very loved and loving dog around the base. He provided so much comfort and joy to the soldiers. One day he stopped showing up. Fearing the worst, the soldiers went in search of him but were unable to find him. A few days later Duke showed up, wounded, bleeding from his leg.

“Everyone is thinking of our troops serving overseas right now and they want to help in some way,” explains Dereck Cartright, a disabled veteran who is the stateside logistics coordinator for Paws of War. “Being able to lift their spirits is a great way to help. If we all come together we can rescue Duke and bring him to safety for them, which will boost their morale, and it gives them one less thing to worry about.”

The soldiers wanted to help but didn’t know what to do. One soldier, Sergeant Chelsey in the U.S. Army, who was especially close to Duke was able to get some bandages on his leg and got him to eat some food. Knowing the Duke didn’t stand a chance on his own, Chelsey reached out to Paws of War. The soldiers rallied together to protect and save Duke until help arrived from a veterinary medical team sent by Paws of War. 

Paws Of War Duke In Bath 22
Image via Paws of War

Paws of War was able to get Duke to one of their partner rescues and there he was able to get the extensive veterinary treatment he needed. It is believed Duke was hit by a bullet, breaking the bone in his leg. Surgery was done to repair the leg, and additional treatments and medications were given to attend to a serious skin condition. He has a long road to recovery but he is a fighter. 

With their deployment back to the states being far off, and there being such chaos in their deployments, they made it their goal to get Duke to safety in the states. Saving Duke is so important to these service men and women. 

“We absolutely want to help put a smile on their face and ensure they don’t have to worry about Duke surviving,” added Cartright. “We are happy to help them with this mission and hope that many people in the community will want to support it as well. We can’t do it without their support.”

Paws of War is asking for your help, to save Duke, and cover the costs of his extensive veterinary care and rehab. And once this is done to get him to safety in the U.S. where he can live in a loving forever home. 

To make a donation to help relocate Duke to America, visit: pawsofwar.networkforgood.com/projects/138866-help-save-duke.

Long after the battles are fought, our service men and women come home with the physical and mental scars of war. The dogs and cats we rescue for our heroes not only save the soldier from having the trauma of leaving their beloved pet behind to die, they also are companion animals for the soldier providing immeasurable support for them when they return home.

Paws Of War Duke Close Up

Paws of War runs several core programs serving veterans and first responders. The War Torn Pups & Cats program helps soldiers who have rescued a dog or cat overseas, bring them to safety where they are companion animals for the soldier. Paws of War also provides service dog training, free veterinary care, a companion animal adoption program for veterans and first responders, and an outreach program for homebound disabled veterans. Those who would like to learn more about supporting Paws of War and its mission can go online to: pawsofwar.org.

About Paws of War

Paws of War is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides assistance and a wide range of programs to active, retired and disabled military members. To learn more about Paws of War and the programs provided or to make a donation, visit its site at: pawsofwar.org

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