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A Good Schedule For Grooming

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Below are several good reasons why all canines should have a good schedule for grooming. Some dogs require less grooming due to naturally shorter and straight hair. However, all dogs require certain basic grooming needs to maintain health and happiness. The good news is most if not all these grooming tasks can be done by the owner in the comfort of their home with the correct supplies. Let’s look at why regular grooming promotes better health for the dog.

First off are the dog’s fur and how a dog regulates body heat. Unlike people, dogs do not perspire as a method to regulate body heat. A dog does this by panting, and through the pads of the feet. Some long haired dogs need to have their hair trimmed short during summer months to prevent overheating and the accompanying dangers of dehydration and heat stroke, while other breeds, like those with double coats, can be better off left untrimmed, as their coats are especially designed to keep them cool. Your veterinarian can tell you if trimming your dog’s coat is appropriate.

Another reason a schedule for grooming contributes to the dog’s overall health is the health of their leg and hip joints. Allowing the toenails to grow long is always bad because this forces the dog to walk on their toenails when they should be walking on the pads of their feet. This in turn will force the dog to angle their feet so they can walk on the sides of the pads. Left uncorrected, this will lead to arthritis as well as other leg and hip joint problems.

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  1. Another key insight to add is that,
    Maintaining short nails is also for their mental health; studies have shown that being unable to run and play properly (due to the uncomfortable state of their nails) can lead to aggressive behaviour and depression in dogs. We expand more on how grooming actually affects the mind on this post – wp.me/p4Z4XV-1V

    Very insightful article – the importance of grooming should be reinforced in all dog owners.
    -SP, PledgeForPaws

  2. My poodle has regular clips every 4 weeks and i bathe her every 8 pr 9 daya….

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