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A Heartwarming Story with an Important Message

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When Dora, a German Shepherd, went missing during July 4th fireworks in 2012, her family never gave up searching for her.

Seven months later, their search finally ended. The reunion caught on video is intense and touching – but carries with it a very important message.

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  1. Avatar Of Rev. Col. K.d. Frazier

    Rev. Col. K.D. Frazier


    Your Dogs do NOT have ANY business being outside on the 4th of July or even New year’s etc .. anytime there will be Fireworks etc …..

    You know that your dog is inside ? Then be xtra careful when you open and close your doors ….

    90% of dog escapes and runaways could be prevented with just a little bit of HUMAN Precaution ….

  2. Avatar Of Merry



    Yes, microchips are very important, but I think you missed a good message; keep your dogs inside during firework events! They won’t be found missing in a shelter.

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