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Missing Dog Found 3 Years Later, 400 Miles from Home

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A dog that went missing from her Kentucky home in 2017 was finally reunited with her family after 3 years and nearly 400 miles separated them.

Kentucky dog owner, Venes Mosier was hospitalized before Christmas of 2017 when her home was broken into. Thieves all but cleared out her home, including taking three of her six dogs.

So, when Cass County, Michigan Animal Control officers called to let her know that Callie, one of the missing dogs, had turned up—almost 400 miles from home—Mosier was elated.

“I was kind of shocked because I was like, ‘No way!’ because it’s been three years,” Mosier told WOODTV. “I was bouncing off the walls. I was in tears. I was excited.”

While it was the Callie’s microchip that led rescuers to the family that missed her for so long, volunteers from Many Paws Volunteer Transport Team ultimately made the reunion possible when a team of animal lovers volunteered to handle sections of the long drive between Michigan and Kentucky, safely delivering Callie back home.

Mosier, who helps train rescue dogs for local veterans, is grateful to finally have Callie back and encourages all dog owners to have their dogs microchipped.

While she’ll never know how Callie ended up in Michigan, Mosier is grateful that the dog is in good health and that someone was taking good care of her for all these years.

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