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A Match Made in Heaven: 3 Nuns Adopt Senior Pit Bull

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Three Nuns Adopted Remy, A Senior Pit Bull. It'S A Match Made In Heaven! Photo Courtesy Hi Tor Animal Care Center.
Three nuns adopted Remy, a senior pit bull. It’s a match made in Heaven! Photo courtesy Hi Tor Animal Care Center.

For several months, 9-year old pit bull, Remy sat in a New York shelter, waiting for her forever home. A combination of her age and breed made it unlikely she’d ever leave the shelter.

That is, until three nuns from Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine of Nyack visited the Hi Tor Animal Care Center looking for a new furry friend.

The Sisters told News12 they wanted to bring home a dog that might otherwise be euthanized, one that nobody else wanted. As soon as they spotted Remy, with her greying muzzle and gentle, loving demeanor, they knew immediately that she was “the one.”

“She’s a senior, and we are seniors,” one Sister proclaimed. “She’s a gentle dog and seems happy and content and easy to please.”

Pure Love! Photo Courtesy Hi Tor Animal Care Center.
Pure love! Photo courtesy Hi Tor Animal Care Center.

The Hi Tor Animal Care Center announced the adoption to their Facebook fans last weekend,

Did you ever hear of Divine Intervention? Remy has. Our sweet, senior pup was adopted today not just by one Nun but by three! It is so moving how the Sisters embraced Remy and promised her Heaven on Earth! We certainly believe she will have the best life has to offer. Congratulations to Remy and her new family.

The Sisters say Remy brings a lot of love into their home, filling the void left by their previous dog that recently passed.

“It was hard to find a successor, but we got a good one,” one Sister said through tears of joy. They’ve promised to love and care for her for as many years as she has left on Earth.

It’s truly a match made in Heaven!

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  2. Avatar Of Sondra Kelly Sondra Kelly says:

    This is a heartwarming story. I wish them & Remy a long & happy life together.

  3. Avatar Of Joe Chess

    Joe Chess


    This story made me smile during a very difficult time in my life. Not only do I love Pit bulls, I love nuns, I love God, and I love the goodness of the human spirit. I wish I could give each of these nuns and this beautiful pitbull a hug and kiss. God bless each of them, They have Gods work correct. There actions are proof.

  4. We all so have a rescue fox terrier named Brian and he is the love of oue lives. Blessings Sr Alice And Sr Angela

  5. After all the hard news lately, this story brought back some of my faith in humanity. When I hit my silver years, I hope to be like these beautiful, kind and rocking old ladies. Old dogs and old broads rule!!!

  6. Avatar Of Rose Carter

    Rose Carter


    Dear Sisters,
    You have done a beautiful thing in giving this sweet girl a loving home. St. Francis is proud I’m sure and you three are on his ‘short list’! Think I am too because of rescue efforts! Awesome story.

  7. Now that’s what I call a Sister Act!

    We “paid it forward” when our beautiful “Chunk” passed suddenly. We decided the best way to honor her memory was to adopt an unwanted special needs animal. We hit a homerun. Toof is absolutely amazing. He was mauled at 8 weeks of age and his hind leg was amputated at the hip, half his ear was chewed off, his tongue was shredded, and he lost all hearing in his left ear.

    Four months this pathetic little puppy waited for a forever home, but he looked too pitiful and looked like too much work. Their loss is our gain. If you don’t mind, here’s his first trip to the big dog park since he was mauled at 8 weeks of age.

    Special needs…they are truly special.

  8. Avatar Of Eva Weiss eva weiss says:

    So touching. Hopefully others will see and realize how great pitbulls can be!

  9. Avatar Of S. Rider S. Rider says:

    Praise the Lord for the kindness of these ladies.

  10. Avatar Of Hannah Rosen

    Hannah Rosen


    Jill Mason have you contacted Misty’s Journey (on Facebook)? They post dogs on the with list from NYACC all the time! Also, this story with the nuns and senior pitbull was so heartwarming, it restored my faith in humanity a bit.

  11. This is heartwarming. The most important thing in life is to others who need

  12. Avatar Of Jill Mason

    Jill Mason


    I wonder if they would be interested in adopting another one? Darsy is on euth list at NYC ACC she is beautiful. Has had a sad life and her picture says a thousand word. Pleading for someone to love her and take her home.

    • We just saved a pit bull mix on death row by pulling him out of the shelter and finding an adopter. While he was in the shelter we made an focused effort to find an adopter using a combination of social media and posters. When the situation got desperate one of us pulled him out as a fosterer.

      I put posters in all the local Starbucks and it was one of these posters that the adopter saw. They had just lost one of their two dogs to cancer a week before. Starbucks allows non-profits to post. There are Starbucks everywhere in NYC!

      The posters also brought quite a few people to the shelter asking about our dog, which gave us more time to work on our outreach program. We believe the shelter also hesitated to destroy him because they knew we had the power to create some negative publicity.

      I started the campaign but by putting up posters and doing the social media I found about 15 other people that helped! And 5 or 6 of us are now forming a core team to help other dogs.

      Even you are just starting by yourself will make a difference. Make sure the shelter is aware of what you are doing and get your friends to go in every day to ask about the dog. And make sure to put your contact info on the poster along with the shelter contact info.

      You can find much of what we did at Check out our videos, twitter accounts and posters.

      Today we found the perfect home for a wonderful dog that had been labeled unadoptable. Here’s our boy Bronco going home with his new family.
      Bronco goes home with Blake and Kona – Jan 24, 2014

  13. Avatar Of Barbara



    Thank you sweet Sisters! I just know you and Remy will give each other lots of love and devotion. It breaks my heart to see/hear about sweet dogs spending so long in a shelter, etc. I agree – truly a match made in heaven. 🙂

  14. Avatar Of Christine Hart

    christine hart


    thank you heavenly father for these 3 nuns
    to accept a pitbull into there lives with out judging
    thank you sisters thank you very much
    remy,you are safe and sound and in gods hands praise the lord

    • Avatar Of Ingrid Kokshoorn

      Ingrid Kokshoorn


      Thank God for these 3 Nuns that adopted Remy the Pitbull, they will get love in return threefold and more for saving Remy. I needed tissues when I reas the story. God moves in mysterious ways.I have loved dogs and cats all my life and all other animals. I am 72 and had a minor stroke, was in hospital 18 days and when I got home the dogs and cat were happy to see me as I was to see them. Animals have a bond with us all.

  15. This is a wonderful story! I’d love to hear more like it!

  16. Avatar Of Norma Enid Hndz

    Norma Enid Hndz


    Now, this made me cry! 6 years back I adopted my first blue nose female pit, 6 yrs. old who was scheduled to be put down that same day I saw her on Craigslist. On impluse I called, brought her home. 6 months later, I was diagnosed w/cancer and for 2 years that beautiful girl would not let me give up: she gave me the will to live. Thereafter I went into remission, a month later she was diagnosed w/lymph-node cancer and passed. I didn’t save – My guardian angel saved my life. Sisters, thank you – she will repay you all a 1000xs w/unconditional love. Yaaaaay!

    • Avatar Of Enid Takazono

      Enid Takazono


      Love your story in so many ways…congratulations on your victory over cancer, I’m a cancer survivor, too! we’ve raised 3 pibbles, we took the latest one in because his family could no longer take care of him. Our second pitbull once stayed in bed with me and refused to eat or drink for almost three days before I finally went to emergency with a kidney stone. Needless to say, he was the first one I wanted to see when I got home with special snacks! We lost this sweet brave boy to cancer…also have a heart for adopting older animals. Finally, love your middle name! Stay healthy and hope you have another guardian pibble in your future…

  17. I hope the Nuns and Remy have many happy years together.

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