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Abusive, cruel dog chaining is legal in many states

According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Tethering, government agencies have concluded for years that keeping dogs chained was dangerous for both dog and human. Studies mentioned include the USDA statement in 1996 upholding that the continuous tethering of an animal was inhumane and a study from the Center of Disease Control which found that chained dogs were nearly 3 times more likely to bite. (Photo: Pennsylvania Coalition Against Tethering)

You don’t need a study to know this. Logic and compassion should tell you it’s the wrong thing to do. Yet individuals continue this barbaric practice while state governments pass the bone.

What are your feelings regarding the outdoor chaining of dogs? If you want to stop the abuse, support the Pennsylvania Coalition Against TetheringDogs Deserve Better or any of the other anti-tethering groups across the country. If you disagree, we want to know why now.





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