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Affenpinscher: Energetic Small Dog

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They are especially protective of their food so never mess with these little dogs when dinner is before them.

Those who are limited in their abilities to exercise a dog with daily walks, and the elderly individual who wants a playful companion but is not able to handle a larger, more active and powerful canine will find this breed an excellent choice.

Despite their well-known attitude for competing with toddlers and small children for attention, the dog does blend in well with other dogs you may already own as well as other pets like a cat.

The AKC has a classification for this breed and the breed is often seen at dog shows. It is considered part of the Toy group, and for the first time ever, one named Banana Joe V Tani Kazari won Best in Show at the 2013 Westminster.

The price of a purebred with an excellent lineage will set you back well over one thousand dollars, but if you do not intend to show the dog, pups can be bought for much less.

Maintenance concerning grooming, quality foods etc; is going to be minimal with one of the little guys, and this is a big plus for many people.

All in all if you want a playful and loveable small dog by all means look into purchasing an Affenpinscher. You won’t be sorry if you do!

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