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African Boerboel

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The African Boerboel, also called as Boerboel, is a breed of large, muscular dog that originated in South Africa. It belongs to the miscellaneous class under the working breed family which is admired for their being exceptional at performing various police work such as guarding property, sled-pulling, and or search and rescue. Boerboels have been bred to guard the homestead. Their short, dense coat is soft and shiny. Coat colors usually include fawn, red, black, brown, piebald, brindle, and Irish markings; with or with no black mask.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Boerboel breed normally stand a height of 25 to 28 in at the withers, while bitches are a bit shorter with a typical height of 23 to 25 ½ in. Both sexes of the line commonly weigh about 154 to 200 lbs.



African Boerboels, in general, are obedient, intelligent, and reliable dogs that usually make excellent guard and watchdogs. They are known to be confident and fearless. The breed is gebtle, affectionate, and very playful; loving every single minute spent with their owner. Boerboels bond well with children they are familiar with. In fact, these large dogs can let kids ride on their backs similar to a horse. They love the attention, and will also do well aroung other dogs and household pets. Boerboels are capable of guarding their family owners, friends, as well as property with their life. They are highly reserved with strangers, though may accept welcomed guests when introduced properly. Additionally, Boerboels require a dominant master who can display strong and consistent authority over them. With the right handlers, these powerful African mastiffs would make wonderful companions.


Boerboels are relatively easy to groom. Brushing them occasionally, and bathing them on a monthly basis would already suffice their coat care needs. The breed is considered to be a moderate shedder.

Health Concerns

Boerboels are generally a hardy breed. But like any other canines, they are also prone to a few health issues such as hip or elbow dysplasia, ectropion and entropion, vaginal hyperplasia, and recently, attacks of juvenile epiplepsy. The breed has an average lifespan of 10 years.

Best Environment

Members of the African Boerboel breed are not suitable for apartment living. They do best with access to a large, securely fenced yard where these mastiffs can run and play. The breed can thrive sleeping outdoors. Because of the dog’s tendency to become overly protective and aloof with strangers, owners should not let the Boerboels run on their own. Taking the breed out for long walks every day and letting them play various games of ball can make them happy.

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    we rescued a borbeil mastiff from starving on the streets! he was in horrible condition and we didn’t even know what kind of dog he was – we took him home, to the vet and to a trainer. at the trainers place she announced that he was “no mutt – this was a south african borbeil mastiff! he was so starved that he looked like a skeleton with skin draped on him – but now….. well let’s just say the vet lectures us all of the time about overfeeding! but – how do you ignore those pleading lovely eyes? anyway, Otis just loves us to pieces but hates anyone to come over here – we’ve had several trainers try and come help but he will not allow them in! i am a rottweiler lover and have rescued quite a few! but, my husband won’t even listen to my pleading for another rottie while otis is the king of our home. is there a way to have him accept another full grown rottie in need?

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