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After 7 Years of Hell, Abused Dog is Finally Rescued

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Every dog deserves a happy life with a loving family, but that’s not what they all get. Some people, however, set out to do what they can to find those dogs that are being mistreated, and to work to give them a whole new life. That’s exactly what happened with Tito, a Dogo Argentino that has lived his whole seven years at a New Jersey junkyard, where he was being mistreated, neglected, and was near death when he was rescued.

“This dog was in such horrible condition that he could barely walk,” stated Robert Misseri, founder and president of Guardians of Rescue (GOR). “He has been severely neglected and it’s so sad to see. We had to act and do what we can to change things for this him.”

The dog was found by a Good Samaritan in the community who discovered the terrible condition that he was in. The dog had been living in a mechanics shop his whole life and was also being used for breeding purposes. When rescued by Guardians of Rescue, he had severe ear infections in both ears, which has lead to hearing loss, he was 35 pounds underweight, was living in constant pain, and could barely walk. He was also filthy and had teeth that were going bad.

After several attempts from others in the community to get Tito’s owner to surrender the dog with no avail, Guardians of Rescue was called in to help. The owner wanted to continue breeding him, despite the fact that the dog was emaciated and could barely walk. After being evaluated by the GOR resident veterinarian, he and members of the Guardians of Rescue convinced the pet owner to surrender Tito. The Guardians of Rescue are ensuring he gets the proper medical care he needs, and will work to find him a proper and loving home where he can live out the rest of his life.

“No one knows how much longer he would have survived, but for however long it was painful each day just for him to live,” says Dr. Marvin “Moose” Baynes, the Guardians resident veterinarian who did the evaluation and is caring for him. “Tito is recovering and doing well. He’s lucky to have been rescued and we will do all we can to help him make a recovery.”

Tito is currently with Dr. Baynes as he continues to have his health evaluated and be treated.

Guardians of Rescue has a new show, The Guardians, which airs on Animal Planet on Saturdays at 10 pm EST.

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