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After Missing for 4 Years, Beloved Dog Just Shows Up on Her Doorstep

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When a North Carolina man opened his front door on Tuesday morning, he got the surprise of a lifetime! A dog, who looked a lot like his German Shepherd, Molly, who’d disappeared 4 years earlier, was sitting on the doorstep.

When Molly disappeared years ago, Joel and Carolyn McDonald searched for her for weeks before eventually giving up hope of ever seeing their best friend again.

“Didn’t know for sure, I thought it was her,” Joel McDonald told WBTV. “So I sat down on the porch, and she just came like that and put her head in my lap and said ‘Oh my.’”

Joel called his wife, Carolyn and gave her the unbelievable news. “I was at school and he left a message, ‘You’ll never believe what came to the doorstep this morning,’ and his voice was cracking and it was quite startling to me. So as quick as I could get in touch with him he relayed the story to me that Molly Girl was there,” Carolyn McDonald said.

Although they were certain that their long-lost best friend had finally returned home, the McDonalds had to be sure. Joel took the dog to the Animal Care Center of Salisbury in hopes that the microchip they’d had implanted in their Molly 9 years earlier would give them the answer they hoped for.

“We didn’t ask him his name or anything I looked down and I said ‘We got a number!’ I looked it up in the computer and I said what’s your name? And I said that’s your Molly,” said Terry, who works in the office at the Animal Care Center and scanned Molly for a microchip.

The McDonalds, along with everyone at the Animal Care Center, were in tears upon hearing the amazing news – they finally had their Molly back.

The happy family is now back together. And, Joel says, “I’ve asked her and asked her, but she won’t tell me where she’s been.” It’s a question they’ll likely never have answered, but the McDonalds say it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she’s back home now.

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1 Comment

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    What a wonderfully, remarkable story. Glad you're home MOLLY.

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