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Air Force Veteran Charged with Hitting a Cop in Order to Save His Dog

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Samuel Lee Bassett. Booking Photo, Cook County Sheriff.
Samuel Lee Bassett. Booking photo, Cook County Sheriff.

An Air Force veteran was arrested and charged with two counts of felony aggravated battery to a police officer after he allegedly struck the officer that refused to allow him to enter his burning home to save a dog that was trapped inside.

At about 2:00 on Friday afternoon, a basement fire broke out at the Chicago, Illinois home of Samuel Lee Bassett, his fiancé, and their dog.

The dog was home alone when the fire broke out, but Bassett arrived on scene as firefighters fought the blaze. Knowing his dog was inside, Bassett tried multiple times to enter the home and rescue his dog.

“They kept trying to keep him out of the building ’cause it was unsafe for him to go in,” Deputy Fire Commissioner Mark Nielsen told the Chicago Tribune. “He wanted to go in.”

After being told repeatedly to back away from the burning structure, police tried to restrain Bassett with handcuffs. As the cuffs were placed on his left arm, Bassett swung his right arm, with a closed fist, and struck the officer in the face.

The officer’s injuries were minor. The dog, sadly, perished in the fire. And, Bassett is now facing jail time for his actions.

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  1. Avatar Of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Please sign my petition in support of Veteran Samuel Lee Bassett who is a fellow animal lover just like us. He needs our compassion not condemnation. He lost his German Shepard in a house fire. After which he was arrested for trying to save his dog. Lets make a difference in this man’s life.


  2. Avatar Of Jennettgriffith



    who wouldn’t have done the same for something that means the world to you Hope they are lenient with him he deserves compassion?

    • I’m not a young person, but in this case I would have turned into super women. I would have kick , punch any one who try to stop me from saving my dog. I hope the judge has dogs and goes easy on him. There should be no charges. Good luck.

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