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Airlines Refuse to Send Military Dog Home Because of His Breed

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It doesn’t seem logical that a dog that was trained in the military and scheduled to be sent to Afghanistan to serve alongside our troops is now stuck in Texas, banned from the airlines and unable to find a way home because of his breed.

Such is the case for Jasper, a U.S. Army trained working dog that was scheduled for duty in Afghanistan with his handler, Staff Sgt. Jordan Lee. During training, Jasper suffered a heatstroke and was retired from the military. He was sent to Lakeland, Texas, where he was to be put up for adoption when Sgt. Lee decided to adopt the hero dog himself.

While Lee is in Afghanistan serving in our military, his cousin in Colorado Springs plans to care for the dog.

There’s just one problem. Jasper is a pit bull.

KVUE News reported,

Jasper is in Texas, Lee is still in Afghanistan and his cousin Paula Adams is in Colorado Springs, Colo. Adams wants to take the dog while her cousin is overseas.

“Unfortunately, none of the airlines will take him because he is a pit bull,” Adams said.

So, for now, the dog that was trained to work alongside our troops overseas is stranded in Texas because of his breed.

Will one of hundreds of airlines step forward and do the right thing?

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  1. Avatar Of Leta Leta says:

    I’m sorry. Due to the shock of this ignorance, I couldn’t comprehend the rest of the article. Did I miss what the name is of this so called “airline”? To refuse service to any American Service personnel is treason. To act upon discrimination to any American Service personnel, is unlawful. To display ignorance is bad for business. I would like to know which “airline” I will never do business with.

  2. Avatar Of Dianne



    UPDATE: Three volunteers will each take a leg of the drive to get Jasper to Colorado. They hope to reach their destination by Saturday. kens5.com/news/Airlines-wont-fly-a-pit-bull-that-needed-to-get-home-174859511.html

  3. Avatar Of Dianne



    Did Jasper ever get home? Update please!

  4. Avatar Of Rebecca



    Has anyone contacted Pilots & Paws? Shame on the airlines!

  5. Avatar Of Bob &Amp; Marlene Raskey

    Bob & Marlene Raskey


    No updates, has anyone picked him up yet?? If that lady wants to pick him up and meet me half way, I’d be willing to drive the other half to Colo Sprgs…..

  6. Avatar Of Fran Kennedy

    Fran Kennedy


    For God’s sake there are planes that fly between bases all the time,they can’t do that for this poor guy and get him home? For shame! I’m tired of seeing/hearing how our Vets are treated after they have served.
    If his breed is such a problem (I don’t get,I love Pitties,and nobody can say this dog is not well trained)Can he not wear a muzzle for the flight?

  7. Avatar Of Jaymie Chittum

    Jaymie Chittum


    This makes me furious! We shouldn’t have to get him home! I’m a former Flight Attendant & no one ever cared what Breed a dog was! He’d be in a crate down below where the luggage goes! This is a Military Dog! What do they think he’s going to do?…Break out of his crate & attack the luggage? Figure out a way to get up into the cabin & start attacking passengers?? Maybe rip the cockpit door open & attack the pilots??? I just left a message for a close friend of mine. Retired Pilot & Retired Lt. Cornel & asked him to make some calls & get that dog on an airplane NOW!!
    He may not get my message today so if someone has a plan to drive the dog home, go ahead. I’ll get back on here if my friend calls me back today. Someone please let me know if & when the dog leaves another way. This makes me furious!!

    • Avatar Of Jaymie Chittum

      Jaymie Chittum


      Here’s another unbelievable point. If the dog is a companion dog, they MUST let him get on the plane & ride in the cabin with all of the other passengers!! He’d behave better than most of the other passengers too.

  8. Avatar Of Lois Lois says:

    Unbeliveable, Here is a Military dog and the Military should make sure he get’s home…God only knows what these two have been through what is wrong with this country,,,This dog served our Counrty…not a very nice way too treat a four pawed Soldier…

  9. Avatar Of Lori Thomas

    Lori Thomas


    I will take this dog home. Who do I need to contact to do this?

  10. Avatar Of Debbie



    Okay, so where is jasper now ? Has the transport chain been organized yet ? Hope to hear that jasper is leaving Lackland, TX soon, if not already… And is headed to cousin Paula Adams loving home in Colorado Springs, Colorado !!! Happy travels, jasper !!! Please let us know when you have arrived safely !!! Much thanks to you for bravely, courageously serving our fine country, the United States of America !!!

  11. Avatar Of Roxane



    I am in San Antonio now but I live in Lubbock, TX and will be going back home on Sunday. If some one wants to meet me there or in Amarillo I will be glad to start the transportation chain if someone from Colorado will pick him up. It should only be around 8-12 hours from Texas my email address is [email protected] of you are willing to help.

    Thank You
    Roxane Jordan

  12. Avatar Of Mila Mila says:

    The anger I feel right now is indescribable! Not only has this dog been subjected to danger without having any say since hey, we humans are the most important thing in the world and use all for our benefit. Disgusting. Now some douche bag airline is refusing to send him home?? Makes me sick. The point isn’t that we CAN do a transport chain to get him home the point is WE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!! tHIS BOY SHOULD BE SENT HOME WITH HONORS AND WITHOUT CIRCUMSTANCE. tHIS MAKES ME SICK.

  13. Avatar Of Amy



    Mary MOunt, We don’t have much but at the beging of next month we would like to donate some money if you could help this poor fellow vet to his owners.

  14. Avatar Of Amy



    If I had a plane I would be there in a heartbeat. Pit bulls are the best dogs ever and shouldn’t be treated like this. This dog should be treated just like one of the soldiers since he was train to fight alongside our troops.

  15. Avatar Of Michele Matthews

    michele matthews


    this dog is a vet. get his ass on a plane and get him home NOW

    • Avatar Of Betty



      You are telling it like it is and expressing how alot of us feel, myself included. The poor dogs is getting the bad rep. because of the BAD owners.

      Like you said Thie dog a US VET. get his ass on a plane and get him home NOW.

  16. Avatar Of Dawn



    So sad to hear. Who cares about the breed. Damn, airlines. I agree a transportation chain or even check with local rescues, there are those people who volunteer to fly pets? I pray this gorgeous pup is able to making to Colorado. I live in Florida so unable to assist, if I lived in Texas I would be honored to assist.

  17. Avatar Of Mrs.rosa V

    Mrs.Rosa V


    People need to stop judging this animals,For what man do to them in making them mean.The Animal does not know any better then to obey what “Man” teaches him.This animals keep on getting the bad rap because of what man makes them to be.Please In the Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ I beg you not to judge this animals for what man has done to them. Please Help this poor innocent animal to get to his loved ones.After all he is not going to ride with the passengers.and he is going to be in a Kennel Please,Please help This animal served in our military he was a soldier that now is retired ,and your turnning your back on the one that was protecting or looking out for your freedom. Thats the pay back that he deserves.Well you need to examine yourself and stop your paranoia about this animals.”Do Not Judge One For What All the Others Do”.I Pray that you find it in your Heart to Help A Fellow Soldier Out.

  18. Avatar Of Mary Mount

    Mary Mount


    I live in San Antonio and work in East Texas. I’ll GLADLY run the first step of a transport chain if others will step up and help. E-mail me at [email protected]

  19. Avatar Of Nancy Mccann

    Nancy McCann


    What people just can’t understand is this: the person at the end of the leash is the problem (if there is one) that makes a dog what it is. Proper training and handling will produce a wonderful well balanced dog!!

  20. Avatar Of Joan Sheridan

    Joan Sheridan


    The dog is in Texas and simply needs to be brought by volunteer transport chain to Colorado. I see rescue dogs being transported much further all the time.

  21. Avatar Of Olga Rainey

    Olga Rainey


    Let Puppy Rescue Mission know, they will get the dog to the USA.

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