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Airport Security Officer Shoots, Kills Beloved Family Dog

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Leisha Ramos and her family were moving to Oahu from the big island of Hawaii when they went to the Honolulu Airport to pick up the last family member, their 2-year old pit bull mix, Kaiele.

“(My boyfriend) picked up the dog from Aloha Cargo, and then picked me up. And then when I got off the plane, I walked out to the side of the truck and he already had the dog tied up to a tree, to a palm tree right on the side, right next to the truck, so he could make room for the rest of my luggage,” Ramos told KHON.

Ramos’ boyfriend, Jadd Matsuda said when he picked up Kaiele, he had been in his kennel for more than 6 hours and needed to use the bathroom. While he waited for Leisha and her infant daughter to collect their luggage and meet him, Matsuda tied Kaiele to a tree near the parked truck while he made room for her luggage inside the vehicle.

Ramos explained that a security guard showed up and asked them to leave. It was then that Kaiele somehow got loose and was shot and killed by the Securitas airport security officer.

Heartbroken, Ramos said, “My dog was a good dog. I was sitting on the ground with my dog and my dog was just laying down on grass. He wasn’t even hurting anybody or trying to get to anybody. There was a lot of people on the side saying the dog wasn’t aggressive and he wasn’t. He runs away from chihuahuas. I can take him to parks. I lay my daughter next to him.”

State police arrived and stayed on scene for several hours after the shooting. The Hawaii Department of Transportation confirmed the incident involved a Securitas officer, but could not release any more information.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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  1. Avatar Of Bessie Potter

    Bessie Potter


    Really sad. But I have heard on several different occasions of police shooting pets just because they can. And have known officers saying they have the RIGHT to shoot ANY animal that moves in their direction. Even therapy dogs who are trained not to be reactive to not bite. Such a dog was shot just for the heck of it. The dog was with his owner, police showed up. The wrong house. The dog was by the man's side. The dog stepped up to one officer, wagging it's tail. The officer petted the dog. The dog turned, tail wagging, to the other officer wanting to be petted. The officer stepped back, took out his gun and shot the dog. When asked by the other officer and the owner why did you do that he said we'll have to wait for the supervisor. The owner sued. In court the officer said he was afraid of dogs. That was it. The court absolved him of all wrong doing. A dog barked at a cop from behind the fence. The officer got his shot gun from his car, returned and shot the dog. It barked at him he told the court. He was absolved of doing any wrong. A 20 lb dog walked out onto the sidewalk through a poorly latched gate. A neighbor called the cops wanting them to put the dog back in the yard. Instead. Right there on the sidewalk the cops tortured the dog. Then slit it's throat. Despite several eye witnesses giving testimony very different from what the police said. And they all said pretty much the same thing. And inspite of the judge catching the cops out in a lie twice. They were absolved of any wrong doing. A trooper was going to shoot a dog that was securely tied to a tree and could in no way reach the trooper, he made ready to shoot the dog. The dogs owner stepped in between them. She was arrested. Fortunately a neighbor recorded the whole thing proving everything the trooper said was a lie. He was not censored in anyway. At least all the charges against the woman were dropped. This is all in keeping with a legal system that is broken and has lost it's moral compass. And bullies who do it just because they can.

  2. Avatar Of Mjp



    Officers of the law are there to "to protect and serve"! I find the level of training & quality of personnel hired by these private security companues to be extremely suspect. The men & women of the SPCA handle animals on a daily basis and don't need guns to do it! If a security officer can't handle a family pet then I I am curious how they would react when there is a real threat? This clown needs to be fired and private security officers need to be be banned from carrying guns! We have real officers of the law to do that?

  3. Avatar Of Lisa Edwards

    Lisa Edwards


    Fraidy cat piece of shit I am so sick of all these police and security officers killing our precious animals. This is getting to be out of hand and people need to be more responsible for their actions.

    • Avatar Of M



      This MF police officer gives good police officers that he should be punished he should be pulled off the force for bad behavior was an investigation done I'm sure to get out of what he did he said the dog was coming at him to attack him he needs to be punished if you did something that was unnecessarym

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