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Alerted By Family Dog, Man Saves Neighbor From House Fire

A Massachusetts woman is alive and recovering after being pulled from her burning home – and it’s all thanks to her neighbor’s dog.

“I’ll never yell at you again for barking at night,” Carolyn Colangelo said to the family dog.

It was the middle of the night and everyone was sound asleep in their beds when Ginger, the Colangelo family’s dog began barking.

When Carl Colangelo got up to investigate Ginger’s barking, he discovered his mother’s house right next door engulfed in flames. His mother, 83-year old Gertrude was trapped inside.

Without hesitation, Carl ran into the burning home to save his mom. He found her lying on the bathroom floor, having suffered a stroke and unconscious while her home burned around her.

Carl carried his mother out of the burning home as firefighters arrived. Investigators are determining the cause of the fire but say it is not suspicious.

Meanwhile, the family credit Ginger with alerting Carl and ultimately saving Gertrude’s life.


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