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All Dogs Love a Little TLC!

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When was the last time Rover received a touch of special treatment? Of course we give our doggies love every day, but I am speaking of a doggy version of going to the “spa” for a makeover. This can be quite expensive so we have a few tips for dog owners who want to treat their pooch to a makeover at home. Remember, he or she is in many ways your best friend and all dogs love a bit of TLC, so go ahead and spoil him for the day.

As you prepare for day of dogs love a bit of TLC have everything on hand and ready to go. Let’s start with the teeth. Most dogs have a case of bad breath, so how about a good brushing of his teeth to start? If you are not already on a regular brushing schedule for the dog’s teeth now is as good a time as any to start. You will need toothpaste made specifically for dog’s teeth, a soft bristle toothbrush, and a soft towel. After brushing and rinsing it is easy to keep Rovers breath fresh with one of the many additives dissolved in his water for fighting plague, tarter, and gum issues.

A refreshing bath is now in order for your dog. Most dogs should only be bathed once a month so their skin does not lose the natural oils keeping their skin soft. Only use natural organic dog shampoo and never human shampoo. Always use lukewarm water and rinse all traces of the shampoo off so the dog does not begin itching due to shampoo residue left on the hair and skin. Using cotton balls gently swab the ears clean and dry.

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