Alternative Remedies For Dog Bladder Problems

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Are you looking for alternative remedies for dog bladder problems? There is no need to worry. If your dog is currently on antibiotics, you can choose from a variety of alternatives such as herbal medicine and homeopathic solutions. Bladder infections in particular can be very serious — they can lead to an array of complications, and possibly death for your dog. However, be sure to discuss this with a vet that is open to alternative remedies — what you want to try may not stand a chance of working, so don’t just blindly take a chance with your dog’s health. For instance, some bladder problems can be caused by undiagnosed diabetes!

Alternative Remedies For Dog Bladder Problems

First you need to be aware of what symptoms to look for, and ideally head the problem off before it gets too serious. Here are some of the possible symptoms of dog bladder problems

  • Bloody or discolored urine
  • Change in odor of the urine
  • Painful urination
  • Straining during urination
  • Uncontrollable urination (incontinence)
  • Constant licking of the genitals
  • Very little urine, or not urinating at all

Once you detect any of these symptoms, take the dog to a vet, and specifically ask if the problem is treatable with alternative remedies (herbal or homeopathic). Alternative remedies for dog bladder problems have been proven effective. However, if it is an infection, your vet may prefer using an antibiotic first, then use the alternatives to prevent future problems.

Sometimes the antibiotics won’t completely kill all the bacteria — just make them go away for a while, and then the infection returns. And, antibiotics may cause side effects if they have to be used frequently, so alternative methods are the way to go if possible.

In some pet stores or natural food/pharmacy stores you can find natural products specifically made for treating dog bladder problems. Look specifically for one or more of the following ingredients:

  • Staphysagris C6
  • Cantharis C6
  • BerberisVulgaris
  • Uva Ursi (Bearberry)
  • Cranberry

It is also important to keep your dog hydrated — keep plenty of fresh water available for him or her. Note the following from an article on eHow.com:

Keeping your dog hydrated is essential in fighting bladder infections. The cleaner the water, the more your dog will urinate. If your dog does not drink enough water, the bacteria will fester in its bladder, worsening the bladder infection.

The above-listed alternatives not only are proven in improving dog urinary health, they are also know to have properties which are beneficial to the overall health of the dog.

Herbal solutions are becoming the norm among today’s pet owners and many vets, as they are found to be more effective for your pets since they have little or no side effects. As mentioned above, there are many alternative remedies for dog bladder problems.

Have you successfully treated your dog’s bladder problems with alternative methods? Please share your story below.

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    My doggie has a recessed vulva, from being spayed too early, making her susceptible to UTI’s. The recessed vulva traps bacteria, which will inflame the urethra. She has had numerous UTIs- especially in the dead of winter when she doesn’t want to go outside, and when she does, she has to squat in the snow, which can cling to her and cause infection. Right as winter was ending, we put her on a super-high human dose of cranberry extract (1 pill per day). She hasn’t had any problems since, but I’m not sure if it’s the cranberry, or the lack of winter. I’m sticking with the cranberry and I guess we will find out next winter.

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    I have had Gretchen my miniature schnauzer on proin 50 mg for over a year and no improvement. What would you suggest?

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