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AMAZING! Missing Teacup Yorkie Found After 10 Years!

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Yajaira Fuentes’ teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Ginger, escaped from her backyard ten years ago. Despite an exhaustive search, posting signs, and praying for her return, the Fuentes family accepted that they’d never see their little girl again.

They were shocked, then, when a couple in Texas found little Ginger on the streets of Houston.

They took her to a veterinarian who scanned her for a microchip and reached out to the Fuentes’.

Now that Ginger is back home in Miami, Yajaira says whoever had her all these years gave her lots of love, but didn’t provide much in the way of veterinary care. Her skin is in bad shape and her body is riddled with tumors.

She says if the people that originally found her had done the right thing, Ginger wouldn’t be in the condition she’s in.

If you find a lost pet, post signs, make calls, have the animal scanned for a chip. Do the right thing.

Amazing! Missing Teacup Yorkie Found After 10 Years! - The Dogington Post

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