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Woman Walking Her Own Dog Finds Dog That’s Been Missing for 10 Years

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Woman Walking Her Own Dog Finds Dog Thats Been Missing For 10 Years The Dogington Post

Professional dog trainer and dog rescuer, Erika Slovikoski was out walking her dog on Tuesday when she heard a strange noise coming from a nearby hillside. Recognizing the sounds as an animal in distress, Erika pulled out her phone and recorded the noise.

“There were people in the area, they asked, is this your dog?” Sloviko told ABC7. That’s when she discovered a 12-year-old Pekingese without a collar that had somehow become stuck on the side of a steep hill. Slovikoski had no luck finding the owner nearby, so she took the dog to San Francisco Animal Care and Control where everyone got a huge surprise.

The dog, named Mooshu, had been missing for 10 years! Luckily, despite a decade of time passed, Mooshu’s owners had kept her microchip registration current and animal control was quickly able to locate her family.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Leigh Leigh says:

    The dog’s owner never gave up that they’d soon find their loved pooch as evidenced by the microchip that kept the registration current for ten years.

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