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An Interview With The Head of The FTC About Dog Food From China

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We journeyed to Washington D.C. recently to meet with Patricia F. Bak, the Acting Director of the Federal Trade Commission.  Our query to her was simple and direct.

“With all of the complaints about deaths and illnesses due to dog foods and treats manufactured in China, why doesn’t the FTC intervene?”

Ms. Bak’s answer was revealing: “We simply do not have any evidence that dog foods or treats that are manufactured in China are unsafe.  Our researchers have been unable to establish a direct link between foods manufactured in China and any dog deaths in the United States.”

Frankly, we were stunned.  With all of the recalls and illnesses we are hearing about, and dog parents ending up paying thousands of dollars to care for their babies, we could not believe what we were hearing.

“Look, dog owners are listening to irresponsible people spreading rumors about the safety of these products. I want you to know, I personally feed my dog chicken jerky made in China.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  This made no sense to me.

“If we can’t establish in a lab that every time we give these foods to a dog that it causes illness, we can not ban these products.  They are perfectly safe and we are going to ask you to stop slandering these fine products.”

At that moment, Patricia’s dog wandered into the room. She reached into a bad of treats and gave her dog a piece of Chinese chicken jerky.

The dog grabbed the chicken jerky and began to nibble on it.

Suddenly, the dog spun around three times, began to whine, lay down on it’s stomach, vomited, and then rolled over on its back with its paws in the air.

“PATRICIA,” I shouted, “You’re dog is gravely ill! I can’t feel a  heart beat!”

She looked at me and said, “That would make you very happy, wouldn’t it. You’d be able to say that my dog died because of the Chinese chicken jerky I just fed it.  But it’s not the case. My dog always had a weak heart.”

I was stunned.

Here, this woman just fed her dog Chinese chicken jerky. It died right in front of her. And yet she denied the Chinese Jerky caused the problem.

“Do you expect us to take it seriously just because my dog died? That’s not the way we do business in Washington!”

I gathered my things to leave.  Her dog was still laying there with its feet in the air.

Now, this story obviously never happened. But that is the attitude of the FTC.  And if you want to do something about it, LIKE, SHARE, AND TWEET this message to get the story out.

Tell the FTC, we demand you stop the importation of dangerous Pet Foods and treats from China.

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  1. Avatar Of Elaine Elaine says:

    I would really like to see the evidence that dogs are dying from these treats. dogs get sick just like humans. Are we blaming their natural illnesses on the dog treats? If anyone has any proof, please lest me know. My dog lived 16 years and the only treats he had were these treats. That does not really sway me one way or the other but he developed heart disease, stroke, sepsis and beat them all and died of senility. I believe he was just very old. Now I have an old English sheep dog and the only treat she will eat are dessicated chicken snacks. I know that China is lax in its oversite but I would like some proof. I have not found it . Did anyone do a study perhaps comparing it to other treats. Most of the treats are crap like corn meal etc. I am not saying there isn’t a problem, I just want to be convinced.

  2. Avatar Of Juile Jo Juile Jo says:

    I can’t believe that this lady from the FTC is so ignorant. So many dogs have gotten sick and died from that crap that I just don’t get it. Mine were getting sick as well. I was lucky that I caught it in time. Maybe she’s getting a little something not to take the treats off the market. Or she just doesn’t like dogs or care. In any case the whole thing is so wrong. The FTC needs to realize that there is a very big problem with China and that they need to stop letting this crap be imported into our country and into the food supply. The stupidity boggles the mind. GEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. Avatar Of Rebtsvi



    It makes me sad to read this. I know it’s satire but it’s probably truer than you think.

    All those babies getting sick for nothing.

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