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Animal Artist from England Raises Funds for Ukrainian Pets

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As Ukrainian refugees flee their hometowns, many of them are seen carrying their cats and dogs with them. These pets are considered as part of the family and so these refugees couldn’t bear to lose them. Just like humans, these pets need the essentials, such as food and water.

Lisa Watkins, an animal artist from Scunthorpe, aims to raise funds to support the pets of these Ukrainian refugees through an online auction. She hopes to raise £10,000. In the BBC News Facebook Page, she commented on March 13, “just to let you know that in the first hour of the auction the bids were already at £4k. Within the first 24 hours we were up to £9k!”

Lisa Watkins Animal Artist
Image from Animal Art by LAW via Facebook

The charities being supported by the fund are 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK and Sava’s Safe Haven, both based about 40 miles (60km) from the Romania/Ukraine border. The charities are providing food, water and temporary shelter while the pets’ owners go into a refuge. They are also assisting in the onward paperwork, vet checks, and vaccinations.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Jordan Britney

    Jordan Britney


    What an amazing thing to be doing this for the pets of Ukraine! I am so happy that she is raising money for those animals:) Lisa, you are an awesome person!! Thank you for doing this!!

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