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Animal Control Mistakenly Euthanizes Beloved Family Dog

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An Illinois family is devastated and desperate for answers after their beloved dog was mistakenly euthanized by their county’s animal control department.

A few weeks ago, a maintenance worker entered Tony Wang’s Tazewell County, Illinois backyard unannounced. The family’s dog, Moses, bit the worker in an attempt to protect his home.

The Wangs were ordered to take Moses to Tazewell County Animal Control where he would be quarantined following the bite.

“They said that they would like to keep him for 10 days under quarantine to make sure that everything was safe with him,” Jennifer Wang told WMBD News. After 10 days, Moses would return home to his family.

But, just two days later, the family got a call from animal control. An employee had mistaken Moses for another dog at the shelter and euthanized him. The employee told Tony Wang that, “he wasn’t thinking, he didn’t verify, he just went ahead and did it.”

Officials with Tazewell County Animal Control confirmed,”On August 7th, Tazewell County Animal Control mistakenly euthanized a dog that was being held in our facility on a 10-day bite quarantine. Tazewell County truly regrets this error. Tazewell County will be reviewing policies and procedures to prevent any such occurrence from happening in the future.”

The family are now trying to determine their next course of action, including reaching out to lawyers in the hope that someone will take their case.

“If he needed to be euthanized because he was vicious, which he wasn’t, he deserved to be with his family,”said Jennifer. “We should’ve been the last face he seen, instead of a stranger poking him with a stick.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bunch of idiots working in that shelter. Truly. You can make as many excuses as you want BUT it never should have happened.. Period. Someone there is untimately responsible and needs to be fired.

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