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Animal Rescue Treats Iowa Dog Found With An Embedded Collar

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A young dog in Iowa is recovering after the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) found him with a collar embedded into his neck on Saturday, September 9.

The ARL shared that when they responded to a call about an injured dog, they “found a horrific sight: a young dog with blood covering the front part of his body.”

“The poor pup’s collar was deeply embedded in his neck, causing a serious wound nearly all the way around,” the animal shelter wrote in a post.

The ARL shared that whoever put the collar on the dog, identified as King, has never adjusted it as the poor pup grew bigger.

The animal shelter continued, “With every movement, the collar cut into the wound, reopening it and causing unimaginable pain.”

The ARL rushed King to their emergency care team and was immediately heavily sedated at their medical ward.

When the shelter’s emergency care team took off King’s collar, they found a wound at the pup’s neck that was “at least 1.5 inches deep”.

The animal shelter said that the wound was dangerously close to the pup’s jugular and that he was lucky to be alive.

ARL shared that a wound of that size will take weeks to heal. But they assured that King is recovering and said, “Our Emergency Care Team cleaned and dressed his wound, which smelled strongly of infection. We gave him pain medications and antibiotics to help his body begin healing.”

People online are horrified when they found out what happened to the poor pup. One person left a comment saying, “When is this horrific abuse going to stop? The punishment for abusing an animal must get harsher.”

Others also wrote comments such as, “Be well King. You’re now in good hands.” and “I hope the person responsible for this is charged with animal neglect and cruelty. I hope King has a much happier life after this.”

According to KCRG, the Des Moines Police Department is reportedly investigating King’s case.

Meanwhile, if you are able to, you can donate to ARL to help fund King’s and other pets’ emergency care here.

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