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Staying Healthy

Are You Doing All You Can for Your Dog’s Health?

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All dog owners know that our furry buddies are as much a part of the family as the rest of our loved ones. This means that just like the rest of the fam, they are vulnerable to infections which can diminish their quality of life. Especially if your dog loves to roll around and make a mess outside, it’s important to care for them where they need it most.

Maintaining your doggy’s paws, ears, eyes, and taking care to clean them well, in general, can promote their overall wellbeing. After all, a clean pup is a healthy pup.


Your fluffy best friend can experience infections in these vulnerable body parts if they aren’t cleaned.


Dogs are prone to infections in their paws. Probably because of all that running around, exploring, and digging in the yard! The most common causes are allergies, yeast or ringworm fungal infections, cuts and abrasions, and dry and cracked paw pads. As a result of unchecked infections and the lack of a cleaning regiment for your dog or cat, their paws will likely become swollen, itchy, expel discharge, and cause the health of your pet’s paws to deteriorate.


Did you know that dogs can contract pink eye just like humans can? This can happen in a number of ways. Common causes include Trauma to the eye or irritation from foreign bodies, smoke, or environmental pollutants. If contaminants are not cleaned from your dog’s eyes, it can result in eye discharge, squinting, redness, cloudiness, and even more serious issues.

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Ear infections are common in our four-legged companions, especially those companions with big floppy ears. It is likely that they contract a yeast infection. These infections are not the easiest to see, but you’ll probably see your dog whining, scratching, or head shaking. If left untreated, they can become bacterial infections. This can even permanently damage your dog’s ear canal and become much more difficult to treat.

So, what can YOU do to make sure your dog is living his/her best life?

It is very simple to do regular check of your dog’s vulnerable spots from the comfort of your home:

1. Take a good look at their paws. Look for any dryness, cuts, and redness.
2. Lovingly gaze into your pup’s eyes to check for any discharge or redness.
3. Lift up their ears and examining this area.
4. Run your hands through their coat to find any abrasions or trapped dirt they may have on their bodies.

Cleaning Your Dog'S Ears

If you discover an infection or something else which concerns you, it’s best you take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. Even if it turns out to be nothing, better safe than sorry!

Bottom line is: Nobody wants to take their dog to the vet if they can help otherwise.

If you want to maintain your dog’s health at home, you CANNOT assume all products are safe and effective enough to get the job done. Under no circumstances should you clean your dog with cleaning products such as disinfecting wipes such as Clorox, nor with sanitizing wipes such as Purell. Using the wrong kinds of cleaning products will bring the risk of serious complications to your dog’s health!

Natural Essentials™ Pets has all the right All-Natural and 100% Plant-Based products to clean your dog and easily promote its health. Its products are ethically sourced and totally doggy-friendly.

Wag Time® Paw & Bath Wipes

No bathtub ordeal will be necessary with these jumbo-sized bath and paw wipes. These wipes smell amazing and are infused with vitamins B5, E, aloe vera, oatmeal, and chamomile. This special formulation will keep your dog’s paws and fur clean and soothe irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Eyes Kalbaharlan

Smilin’ Eyes® Wipes for Eyes

Your dog’s eyes will glisten as you remove unwanted dirt and tear stains. These wipes are unscented to reduce any chances of eye irritation. Its formula has naturally anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile which help soothe existing irritation and improve skin condition. These eye wipes are also infused with eyebright, an herb that remedies eye infections and restores eye health.

Sweet Nothin’s® Wipes for Ears

These ear wipes are infused with a 100% natural formulation of aloe vera, chamomile, and mallow. It acts to alleviate irritation by leaving a layer of protection to the area to which it is applied. These ear wipes are sure to make Rex’s ears perk up.


No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars at the vet, especially when most external infections are easily preventable.

With 100 wipes in each pack, these 3 products are incredibly cost-effective and time-saving. While you can get each of them separately, Natural Essentials conveniently offers a discounted combo pack of all 3 products so you can ensure you are fully equipped to keep your dog clean and healthy.

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