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Are You Feeding the Right Food? The Proof is in the Poop!

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As pet parents, we want to provide the very best for our furriest family. Of course, that includes providing them with meals that not only fill their adorable tummies, but deliver the holistic, whole, and humanely raised nutrition our pets deserve.

Unsure of whether you’re providing the right food? The truth always comes out in the end…

Surely you recognize the world’s most followed French Bulldog, Manny! Did you know he eats Halo dog food?

Choosing the right food for your dog can be a daunting task. Many of us have found ourselves overwhelmed standing in the pet food aisle, staring down a long line of bags, boxes, and cans, all promising to provide the very best and complete nutrition for our pets.

So, when Halo® sent us samples of their newest line of premium food for dogs, we were excited to learn more. For 30 years, Halo has been committed to creating only holistic pet foods that rely first on WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish – never any rendered “meat meal” or unidentified meat products, which already sets them apart from almost all leading “natural” pet food brands.

Now, they’ve committed to using only humanely raised proteins, non-GMO vegetables, and Proven Superior Digestibility to that heritage. We’ve already known (and trusted) Halo for decades but their new promise to improve our dogs’ poop had us most intrigued. (First of all, they managed to make a cartoon poop lovable and cute, but I won’t deny the promise of easier cleanup in the backyard and on walks is a major plus! AND, there’s a chance for you to try it, too – keep reading!)

I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled for years to find a dog food that both my dogs equally enjoy, that both dogs can digest – you learn pretty quickly when your choice of food doesn’t agree with your dog! I was thrilled when a full week into their new Halo® food, my picky pups were still excited for mealtimes. Most remarkable, however, my notoriously gassy girl (we’d just learned to accept the inevitable post-meal grumbling) was noticeably less gassy. A full month into their new diet, she hasn’t cleared the room – not once – and both dogs’ poops are smaller, firmer, and easier to clean up which tells me their bodies are absorbing more of the food they’re eating, it’s not full of fillers and other stuff they don’t need. The proof of Halo’s superior digestibility really IS in the poop!

Feeding a highly digestible food is critical to the health of our favorite four-legged companions, who have the shortest digestive tracts of any other mammal. A major indicator of pet food quality – and if you’re feeding the right food for your dog – is evident in your dog’s “duty.”

Here – we’ll let Poopsie, the playful halo-wearing poo, explain:

You see, what you feed your dog matters and Halo knows that WHOLE meat makes a WHOLE lot of difference in the end. Producing pet food with real whole meat (without the use of “meat meals” like rendered chicken meal or fish meal) is more expensive and explains why most pet food brands choose not to do so, opting instead for cheaper ingredients.

Halo’s mission has always been “to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised…for the better.” To support this mission, every time you purchase Halo, a bowl of Halo is donated to a shelter pet in need. The company’s commitment to philanthropy is one of the things that has always drawn us to them.

In addition, Halo’s sourcing include certified cage-free, humanely raised poultry and wild-caught fish from certified sustainable ocean fisheries. Halo says “NO” to growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and sources its fruits and vegetables from farms and farmland the prohibit the use of Genetically Modified Seeds.

Ready to see for yourself? Halo® and The Dogington Post are giving away TWO(2) PAWsome Halo® Food and Treat Packs valued at over $100:

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Learn more about Halo and their recipes made with real WHOLE meat to deliver the nutrition our dogs deserve at!

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by Halo®, who provided compensation for our honest review. However, the opinions are 100% ours! We never recommend a product we aren’t confident using with our own furry family.

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