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Buffalo Range: The Breakthrough Rawhide You Can Actually Feel Good About Giving Your Dog!

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Buffalo Range

It’s no surprise there are many great benefits to providing your dog with rawhide. Rawhide chews have long been a favorite among dogs and dog owners. The tasty, long-lasting chews have a host of great benefits for our four-legged friends!

Buffalo Range

Rawhide is beneficial for teeth and gums.

The process of chewing is hugely beneficial for healthy teeth and gums. Spending 15-20 minutes a day chewing is vital to your dog’s dental health – especially for pet parents that don’t brush their dog’s teeth regularly. In fact, 95% of dog owners DON’T brush their dog’s teeth, making it essential to provide long-lasting chewy treats. Luckily, rawhide is an exceptional choice for your dog’s dental health. In addition to being long-lasting, rawhide softens as it’s chewed, making it non-abrasive – it won’t damage teeth and gums while cleaning and massaging them.

Rawhide provides an appropriate outlet for chewing.

Besides chewing for dental health, dogs have a natural, behavioral need to gnaw. The act of chewing relieves stress and anxiety, expends excess energy, and provides mental stimulation for your very best friend. And, giving your dog a suitable outlet for chewing means he won’t look elsewhere – like your shoes or the legs of your coffee table.

Still, not all rawhides are created equal!

Recent recalls and news of unsafe processing practices have had dog owners scrambling to find a chewy treat their dogs will enjoy (and benefit from) that they’ll still feel good about giving.

In fact, I, too, was one of those dog parents that stopped giving my dogs their favorite chewy treat when I learned how most rawhides are made and what they’re made with. We tried other alternatives – antlers that were too hard and broke my girl’s tooth, bully sticks that were devoured in under 2 minutes, and nylon dental bones that sat in the toy box, untouched.

Thankfully, we found Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Treats! My dogs and I are thrilled! They absolutely adore the tasty, chewy treats and I finally feel good about giving them rawhide again! (Keep reading! We’re giving away TWENTY bags below, you lucky dog!)

Buffalo Range

Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide treats are a new kind of rawhide treat, made with ONLY 4 simple, all-natural, delicious ingredients and absolutely NONE of the stuff that makes other rawhides questionable.

Buffalo Range

They use no hormones, no added dyes, salts, or sugars. Buffalo Range leaves out animal by-products, artificial preservatives, flavors, artificial meats, fillers, and glues that other brands use. Plus, there’s no GMO’s, corn, wheat, gluten, grain, or soy either – just all-natural buffalo rawhide with whole cuts of real buffalo jerky woven in for a flavor your dog will beg for!

What’s more, because they’re made from 100% grass-fed buffalo instead of beef, these long-lasting chews have 14% more protein and 89% less fat than traditional rawhide. Plus, they come in three varieties – bones, braids, and twists – so you’ll find the one that’s perfectly sized for your unique dog!

And, unlike the rawhide you’ve read about, Buffalo Range treats are fully digestible making them a healthy and safe alternative to other dog treats which are often made with artificial ingredients, such as red dyes, fillers, preservatives and other stuff you really don’t want your pet to consume. Just remember, as with any chew, treat, or toy, you’ll want to take it away from your dog when they’ve enjoyed it down to a small piece.

You lucky dog – we’re giving away 20 bags!

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More good news? They’re available now and easy to find! Buffalo Range can be found at Walmart in the pet aisle (priced under $10 a bag!) And, because they’re made by a brand that cares about pet health, rest assured that they’re made to the highest food safety standards.

For more information, visit www.buffalorangetreats.com.

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by Buffalo Range, who provided compensation for our honest review. However, the opinions are 100% ours! We never recommend a product we aren’t confident using with our own furry family.

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1 Comment

  1. My beagle found an old piece of rawhide in the yard and ate it 4 days ago. She has been throwing up ever since, but she is eating and drinking and going to the bathroom fine. Does anyone know if this could be the rawhide?

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