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Ask Many Questions When Selecting a Professional Dog Trainer

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Many dog owners want a well-trained dog, but do not feel they have the knowledge, patience, or time to train their dog. If this describes you it is time to seek out a professional dog trainer to handle your dog’s training needs. Before hiring the first dog trainer you find, there are several things you need to know about any dog trainer you hire. Below are a few things you must know about selecting a professional dog trainer before turning your dog over for training.

Selecting a professional dog trainer

1: What is their level of experience, where did they learn how to train dogs, and what is their success rate with your specific breed of dog? A professional dog trainer is like many occupations—just because they claim to be a “professional” does not mean they know what they are doing. Get references from the trainer and visit those who have had their dog trained by this individual.  See how well behaved the dogs are, if they are calm, friendly, and listen to the commands their owners give them.

2: When selecting a professional dog trainer ask what training methods they use. There are two basic training methods used to train a dog. One is the “positive reinforcement” method where the dog receives plenty of praise and encouragement for doing as instructed. The second method is a harsher method using shock collars as well as other less than desirable methods (in my humble opinion). Avoid a trainer who uses the second method. There are many other tips in the following YouTube video:

3: The cost. Are you willing to spend several hundred to a couple thousand dollars for this training? If not there is no need in selecting a professional dog trainer as the good ones don’t come cheap.

4: while you may have been told by friends they had great success training their dogs while in a large group setting this is not the way to properly train your dog. The best trainers train their own dogs singularly, and this is what you should seek. There are outside distractions when a dozen people with their dogs get together for a training class.

5: Sending your dog away for training is a mistake so avoid doing this. Also do not have the trainer come to your home for the training. It needs to take place at a neutral location.

As you work through selecting a professional dog trainer your best option is finding a trainer who has a proven track record and he or she will know they need to train YOU as well as the dog for top results.

Do you train your dog, or use a trainer? Comments are welcome below.

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