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Ask the Experts: Gifting Thoughtfully For Pets (& Pet Parents!) This Holiday Season

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Our resident pet experts, Brandy and Brooke Arnold with The Dogington Post and The Catington Post were given a wonderful opportunity as eBay influencers to present ideas and inspiration for thoughtfully gifting to pets and pet parents this holiday season by filming a Facebook Live video for the eBay community!

Because pets are considered part of the family, as much thought and careful consideration goes into selecting the perfect gift – and getting the reaction you’re hoping for!

As with gifting for two-legged family members, there are a number of things to consider when gifting for your furry family: What is the pet’s play style? Their size? Their age?

And, when shopping for pets, it’s important to consider the pet parents’ interests, as well! Do they have a favorite sports team? Do they enjoy outdoor activities like camping or fitness? Are they a busy pet parent that could use more quality time with their four-legged family?

We addressed these questions – and some great questions from viewers – and even had a fun holiday activity to share with a couple of four-legged friends on set!

You can watch our segment in it’s entirety right here, or on eBay’s Facebook page!

(Please note, the sweepstakes entry period has ended and winners are currently being notified by eBay – Thanks for participating!)

All of the PAW-some ideas and inspiration for holiday gift-giving discussed can be found on eBay!

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