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Ask the Trainer: Dog Training Cheat Sheet

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Dog And Owner
dog and owner

In all honesty, raising a dog is not rocket science.  It boils down to developing a bond through consistent and fair leadership.  In doing so, making life less-stressful and more enjoyable for you and your dog.  

This article is a “cheat sheet” of practical training info that can help solve many common dog training problems.  Consider this the hub for training info, with direct links to in-depth articles.  

Find the solution to many of your dog training problems below:  

– Walk and play with your dog for at least 30mins twice a day. Learn how to play games of structured Tug or Fetch.  “A tired dog is a good dog”, as pent up energy leads to behavior problems.

– Consistently reward your dog for doing the right thing. Consistently discourage your dog for doing the wrong thing.

Choose a healthy, grain-free, high quality dog food that has not been associated with any recent pet food recalls.  Diet affects behavior, health, and longevity.  

– Crate your dog when left unsupervised.  This helps with housebreaking and preventing destructive behaviors when unsupervised.  Utilize a structured crate protocol.

– Do you have a multi-dog household or interested in acquiring a new dog?  Remember this, “More Dogs, More Structure”.

– Reinforce all household rules and obedience commands. Have your dog on a 4ft leash in the home or a 20ft long line in the yard. This prevents your dog from ignoring commands or rules. (Safety Note:  NEVER leave a leash on your dog when unsupervised or when in the crate, as they can consume the leash or become entangled).

– Don’t get overcomplicated with obedience training, stick with the 5 Obedience Commands All Dogs Need to Know. Also improve your dog’s “Come” command with these training tips.

Obviously there is a lot more to proper training than these seven tips.  However, most owners notice substantial improvements by following these concepts.  When in doubt… sound dog training principles consistently implemented, will help raise a happy and well-behaved dog.  

If you have a training question or concern not addressed above, click here to “Ask the Trainer!”

Steve Reid is a professional dog trainer who specializes in puppy and adult dog training.  To learn more about Steve and S.R. Dog Training, visit Also become a fan of Steve on Facebook at:

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  1. Avatar Of Andrew Andrew says:

    Focus on what you want your pet to do, instead of what you don’t want him to do. BTW, nice article here. Good post.

  2. Avatar Of Hari Krishnan .V



    I taught my dog fetch but he is not fully interested he only plays for some times …. He also becomes tired is there any medicine for this tiredness . I am Hari and I am in india .. My dog is ( Labrador )

  3. Avatar Of Emily Emily says:

    Great tips and I find that the basic “manners” are the most important thing of all. I don’t want to over-complicate things and teach too much stuff. Dogs eventually “get it” as soon as the basic manners are there and as you develop your bond thru time.

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