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Australian Terrier

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The Australian Terrier, also called Aussie, is a trendy breed of sturdy, short-legged dog that originated in Australia. It belongs to the terrier breed family which is admired for their distinct personality and excellent hunting skills. Aussies are one of the smallest breeds in the terrier group, and have been bred for rodent and snake control. Their weather-resistant double coat usually comes in various colors such as solid sandy, blue and tan, and solid red.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Australian Terrier breed normally stand a height of 9 to 11 in, and weigh 9 to 14 lbs.



Australian Terriers, in general, are tough and courageous dogs that have boundless energy. They are loyal, loving, and affectionate toward their family owners. The breed is also highly intelligent, alert, spirited. Aussies have been observed to be amusing, curious, and self-assured. They have a very keen sense of sight and hearing, thereby making them exceptional watchdogs. The breed is very protective, and has the desire to please their master. They are not snappish, though may tend to bark a lot. Aussies are friendly toward other dogs and animals. Nonetheless, they have the propensity to chase small non-canine pets. Early socialization and proper leadership is highly necessary to keep Aussie pets stable-minded.


Australian Terriers are easy to groom. Their harsh coat only requires several brushing sessions a week. Trimming their hair periodically would be needed, though not to the point of clippering or cutting them down. Stripping and plucking their hair on an occasional basis may also be necessary. Handlers are advised not to bathe the Aussie pets too frequently so their natural oil can be preserved.

Health Concerns

Australian Terriers are generally healthy and long-lived. They have an average life expectancy of 11 to 12  years. Nevertheless, like any other canine, the breed is also prone to a few health complications. These include allergic dermatitis, diabetes, luxating patella, cataracts, ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments, and cancer.

Best Environment

Members of the Australian Terrier breed can adapt well to apartment living. These little fellows are commonly active indoors, and would require regular exercise. The breed can also do well to rural environment, especially those of which that have access to a secure yard. Taking them out for daily walks or giving them the opportunity to romp and play would make these pooches happy.

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