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The Azawakh, formerly known as Tuareg Sloughi, is a breed of lean, leggy dog that originated in the Sahel region of Africa. It belongs to the miscellaneous class, under the hound breed family which is remarkable for their exceptional hunting skills typically emphasized by their incomparable scenting power, speed, and or stamina. Azawakhs have been bred to become guard dogs, hunting companions, and family pets. Their short, fine coat usually comes in fawn color with flecks on the extremities. All shades, usually from light sable to dark fawn, are acceptable.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Azawakh breed normally stand a height of about 23 to 29 in at the withers, and weigh between 37 to 55 lbs.


Azawakhs, in general, are exceptionally quick, alert, and proud sighthounds known for their innate capabilities as excellent hunters, protectors, and companions. They are affectionate and gentle with their family owners, though may be instinctlively distant toward strangers. The breed prefers not to be touched around unfamiliar subjects. Azawakhs, nonetheless, are not aggressive unless provoked. Early socialization is highly advisable to accustom these dogs with people and various environments. Because their high energy reserves and outstanding endurance, Azawakhs make excellent training partners for runners.  Despite their propensity to develop intense bond with their master, the breed can still perform independently from their owners. Azawakhs basically need a firm yet calm owner who can display a natural air of authority over them. These sighthounds do best with handlers who show an even temperament. The breed dislikes rain as well as cold weather conditions.


Azawakhs are not demanding when it comes to the grooming department. Their smooth coat only needs to be brushed on an occasional basis. Owners may also dry shampoo them only when very necessary. The breed is considered to be an average shedder.

Health Concerns

Azawakhs are a relatively hardy breed. As a matter of fact, they are recognized to be an incredibly sound-coursing sighthound as they hardly ever acquire serious injuries. Besides, they heal very quickly from it. Unsurprisingly, the breed has an average lifespan of 12 years. Nevertheless, a few cases of epilepsy and Wobbler disease have been recorded.

Best Environment

Members of the Azawakh breed generally do just fine in apartment-living provided that ample exercise is given to them. They are fairly inactive indoors and access to a small yard will be great for them. The breed is very sensitive to the cold, though may do well in cool climates as long as they have a coat outside.

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