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The Basenji, also known as the Congo Dog, is a well-liked breed of muscular, athletic dog that originated in Congo, Zaire. It belongs to the Hound breed family which is popular for their extraordinary hunting skills. Basenjis have been bred to become hunting dogs and family companions. Their smooth, shiny coat usually comes in copper, pure black, chestnut red, red, or tricolor in combinations of black, white, and brindle, or black, white, and tan.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Basenji breed normally stand a height of 16 to 17 in at the withers, and weigh 22 to 26 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, commonly have a height of 15 to 16 in, and a weight of 20 to 25 lbs.



Basenjis, in general, are curious, alert, and energetic dogs. They like to play, and are considered to be very intelligent. The breed is eager to please, and responds well to training. They are also very clever in getting their own way. Basenjis are affectionate, though can be quite aloof around strangers. They generally make excellent household pets if socialized properly from young age. Although the breed tends to be rather reserved, they are capable of forming strong bonds with people. Nonetheless, they are usually not trustworthy with non-canine pets. Basenjis do not like wet weather. They love to chew, and climb. The breed has a unique form of barking as they only create low and liquid ululation. Basenjis need an owner who can display a natural air of authority; someone who is self-assured and who can be firm but gentle, as well as consistent with rules.


Basenjis’ short and fine coat is easy to groom. They are non-shedders, and they tend to clean themselves like a cat. Owners can comb or wipe the pet’s coat using a damp cloth on a regular basis to remove dead hair.

Health Concerns

Members of the Basenji breed are prone to suffer from kidney problems, intestinal problems, eye defects, and progressive retinal atrophy. Nevertheless, with proper diet and exercise, the breed can live for as long as 12 to 14 years.

Best Environment

Basenjis are only suitable to live in a warm living condition. They should be treated as indoor pets as they are very sensitive to cold temperatures. Because they are an energetic breed, access to a large fenced yard is ideal. The breed requires a moderate amount of exercise. Long walks, a few hours of off-leash play, as well as hunting trips will be particularly great for them.

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1 Comment

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