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Basic Training

Basic Training: Teaching Your Dog to Sit, Shake, and Speak

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Some of the most basic commands in dog training include teaching the animal to sit, shake, and speak. With the guidelines listed below, eager dog owners like you will eventually transform your adored animal from merely a class clown into an extraordinary star pupil.

Training Your Dog to Sit

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Because dogs tend to sit naturally, teaching them the sit command is usually easy. They only key in this training is for the dog to associate the word “sit” with the action. Basically, this particular command creates the foundation for the other directives such as stay, shake, or speak.

To train the dog for the sit command, owners are advised to allot 5 to 10 minutes, two to three times a day for the training. To begin the session, get a hold of the dog’s attention and show off to her that you have a delicious treat in your hand. Hold the treat just right about the dog’s nose, though not too high or she might jump. After this, say her name followed by the word “sit” which has to be spoken very clearly and firmly, and then move the treat back to the dog’s ears. As soon as her rear lands on the ground, you say “good sit” through an upbeat tone. Give the dog the treat succeeded by petting praising. Repeat these steps 5 or 6 times.

Training Your Dog to Shake

Another fun trick to teach the dog is shake. Most dogs learn the command quickly. In fact, after just a few brief sessions, a lot of dogs can readily offer their paw for a shake each time they meet someone new.

Now, to train the pet with the shake command, start by securing a handful of treats. If you employ clicker training, make sure you have with you the clicker. When all is set, have your dog sit. Get a hold of a treat in your hand, and show it to her. Just close your fist over it so the dog cannot get it. After this, give the dog the command “shake”, and then wave your fist under her nose in order to keep her interest in the treat. Wait for the dog to start digging into your hand for the delicious treat. More often than not, dogs sniff around, and when that does not work, they would start to paw at your hand. The moment she touches your hand with the paw, click the clicker or tell her “good”. Open your hand and let her have the treat. Keep on practicing the “shake” command for 5 minutes, two or three times a day.

Training Your Dog to Speak

Teaching dogs to speak or bark on command is not just fun but very useful as well. The trick wards off intruders and even alerts the owners to potential danger. One of the basic methods that works well for many dogs involves the use of a simple bark command such as speak or talk and a quiet command like enough or hush. When the dog barks, acknowledge it by checking out for the source and then getting her attention with a whistle or clap. As soon as the barking stops, say the quiet command in a clear, firm, and upbeat voice while handing out a treat. Practice this drill 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a day.

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