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Basset Hound

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The Basset Hound, also known as Hush Puppy, is a popular breed of dog that originated in France. The breed belongs to the Hound family that is remarkable for its hunting skills, either by the members’ scenting gift to follow a trail or by their powerful stamina to run down a quarry. Hush Puppies have been bred to become trailing and hunting dogs. They are a short, heavy breed that has dense, smooth, and shiny coats. More often than not, they come in tan, red, black, white colors, and white with chestnut or sand-colored markings.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Basset Hound breed normally stand a height of 12 to 15 in at the withers, and weigh 50 to 65 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, are rather smaller. Their height is usually 11 to 14 in, and their weight is 45 to 60 lbs.



Basset Hounds, in general, are sweet, gentle, and devoted dogs. They are peaceful and naturally the well-behaved type. They usually fit very well into family life. They are friendly and mild, though not timid. Hush Puppies are very affectionate with their family owners, and tend to get along well with children. Nonetheless, the breed can become quite stubborn with meek masters. They need a true pack leader who can be firm but calm, and show inherent authority over them. Hush Puppies are patient and gentle with training. They also enjoy doing tricks for food. They typically have a deep musical bark and they tend to do very well with positive reinforcement, though housebreaking can be difficult.


Basset Hounds are constant shedders. Nonetheless, they only need minimal brushing in order to keep the sheen of their short-fur coat. It is highly recommended that owners focus their grooming efforts onto the pet’s muzzle, ears, and nails. Because the breed tends to drool as well as slobber, feeding them is quite difficult.

Health Concerns

Basset Hounds have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years. Some of the health issues associated with the breed include glaucoma, ear infections, foot cysts, backaches, and other bone and joint problems. All of these conditions are usually linked to the breed’s propensity to overeat and gain weight. Blood tests and constant eye check-ups are highly advisable.

Best Environment

Basset Hounds will do fine in living in an apartment. They tend to be extremely active indoors, and may do good for places even with no yard space. The breed only requires a minimal exercise. To keep them fit, owners can give their Hush Puppies a medium-sized fenced yard space to let them run and play.

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  1. Avatar Of Debbie Strickland

    Debbie Strickland


    My husband and I have owned over 15 senior basset hounds and fostered an additional 6 over the past 10 years. They are loving, adoring dogs that want nothing more than to spend a lazy afternoon at your feet. Several of our babies have lived far beyond the 12 year span – one made it all the way to 17! We obvioulsy adore them – you will too!

  2. Avatar Of Lois Lutz Lois Lutz says:

    I have owned Molly, Holly and Ivy, Lacy and Lucy Bassethounds through the years and have loved living with them. Most lived about 11 years except for Holly and Lucy who died of Parvo even though they had had all their shots on time from the breeder. Bassets are friendly, super smart and love learning tricks. Molly could count to three, barking at the number of fingers that were held up, or by voice command. All the dogs learned to ring a little string of bells on the doorknob to let me know when they wished to go outside. “With the addition of a dog door the older dog soon trained the younger one to go outside and hardly ever had an accident in the house. I would recommend a Basset to anyone who loves a cuddler and short walks around the block.

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