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Dog’s Bizarre Beachside Discovery Leaves More Questions Than Answers

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What’s the strangest thing your dog has ever found? We guarantee this dog’s discovery is even stranger!

A dog walker got the shock of a lifetime when her Basset Hound made a bizarre discovery on a UK beach – an intact penis and testicles that had washed up on the beach in Brean, a small town in Somerset, England.

Dog walker Julie Edwards told Somerset Live that her Basset Hound, Molly, became interested in something on the beach and headed toward it.

“I could see she was about to roll something around. It is usually maggots or birds but I stopped her and saw it wasn’t that at all.

“It definitely looked human to me. I think it was an intact penis and male testicles.

Edwards contacted the beach warden about her dog’s bizarre beach discovery, who then reported the item to Avon and Somerset Police.

On September 29, a spokeswoman for the Avon and Somerset Constabulary said, “It was first reported to us as a body part, but investigations have revealed that it might not be a human body part.

“It could be another animal, or even a mineral. It will take time to figure out what it is exactly.”

The findings were sent to a coroner to determine exactly what it is. One week later, police have yet to remark on what exactly Molly discovered that day.

Oddly enough, the discovery wasn’t a shock to nearby residents.

In 2016, three human feet were reportedly found on separate occasions in nearby Bath. It was later determined that they were anatomical specimens most likely used in teaching.

So, what’s the most bizarre thing YOUR dog’s ever found?

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