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BBC Weather Presenter Pulled Over By Dog On Live TV

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BBC Weather Presenter Carol Kirkwood has been pulled over by a dog during a live segment on BBC Breakfast, for the second time, on Tuesday, July 4.

Kirkwood, 61, gave her forecast live from Wimbledon with a search dog named Wraith by her side. After her forecast, she praised the pup’s behavior saying, “How well behaved is he? He’s hardly moved apart from to have his tummy rubbed.

Kirkwood, who was in awe and who has no idea what’s about to come, continued, “Isn’t he just perfect?”

In an unexpected turn of events, and before Kirkwood could even finish saying “I have a history with dogs…”, the ‘well-behaved’ Wraith, with a tennis ball in his mouth, suddenly took off, dragging the reporter with him.

Kirkwood was, quite literally, knocked off her feet. And when the camera panned to her, she was already on the floor, laughing, while Wraith was looking into the distance and wagging his tail.

Meanwhile, presenters Jon Kay and Sally Nugent saw the incident unfold from the studio. Kay was heard shouting “Oh no!”, while Nugent commented, “It’s happened again!” before asking if the weather presenter was okay.

Kirkwood, who was still on the floor suddenly said, “It’s the Chelsea Flower Show all over again.”

Kirkwood and Nugent were both referring to a similar incident back in 2021 — when Kirkwood was giving a live weather forecast at the garden show and a guide dog, named Flash, dragged her to the floor.

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