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Be Patient With Rescue/Adopted Dogs

I feel adopting an adult dog or puppy from an animal rescue shelter is one of man’s more noble deeds. These are puppies and dogs who through no fault of their own, have ended up in a place where they are fed and housed, but little more is provided in the way of love and the joy of living with a caring, loving family. All dogs have a desire to belong, and these poor shelter dogs have been robbed of this need. I would strongly encourage anyone actively seeking a dog or puppy to search as many local animal rescue shelters as possible before buying from a breeder.

Nothing wrong with buying from a breeder if you’re looking for purebreds, but keep in mind that most shelters have some purebreds, including some that are registered!  Some shelters even specialize in purebreds. So before you automatically reject the idea of adopting, call and ask around.

Because shelter dogs may have a background of unfavorable treatment from a previous owner, and they may be beyond “prime training age”, you must always use patience with any animal shelter dog you adopt.

Any animal shelter dog adopted may be there for a variety of reasons. Always speak to the care takers at the shelter to learn as much background of any dog or puppy you are interested in. For puppies it is usually a case of the previous owners had an unspayed female dog that became pregnant, and the family is not able economically to take care of the pups. Thus they end up at the shelter.

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