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Be Prepared For Possible Canine Paralysis

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When people get paralysis, it is a heart breaking moment, and the same is true for our canine friends. Dogs experience canine paralysis due to various circumstances and different illnesses, much of which depends on his or her overall health.

Canine Paralysis

Most dogs can survive canine paralysis with proper care, medication and attention. A paralysis case for a dog is usually sudden and there is almost no way to predict it, but you can be able to determine the causes with the help of your vet, and keen observation of your pet. In this article, we will show you some reminders and tips on how to take good care of your dog if ever he gets canine paralysis.

There are many possible causes of canine paralysis, and one of them is ticks. Some ticks can carry Lyme disease and become a probable cause of paralysis on your dog. It transfers through the bite of the tick onto your dog, and the virus or toxin is spread through the bloodstream, entering the organs of your dog. Lyme disease can be fatal, and the paralysis usually happens all of a sudden and quickly.

Another probable cause of dog paralysis is the development of a tumor in the spine of your dog. And as we all know, tumors are usually malignant, and they can cause life-threatening effects to your dog as it does on humans. They can spread out harmful viruses and toxins throughout the body as long as it remains there, and staying on the spinal column of your dog is quite dangerous because it connects to the brain. It can also go through nerves of the body and cause damage to other vital organs becoming the main trigger point of dog paralysis. But unlike paralysis that is caused by Lyme disease, tumors can cause paralysis slower, which means at first, the hind part of the dog will be affected, and then later on the front part.

One more cause of dog paralysis, to most dog owners’ surprise, is the impact of infections which are not treated carefully, especially infections on the ears and face parts. If these infections are not treated in the right way or as early as possible, it can inflict damage to the nerves, muscles and vital parts (especially the brain) of the body, which can also lead to dog paralysis. Simply put, do not take simple infections for granted, because they might trigger paralysis in your dog.

Another cause of paralysis is spinal disk problems in long-backed dogs like Dachshunds. This can cause paralysis of the hind legs, particularly in older dogs. We had one named Tiny who developed apparently some slipped disk problems at about age 17. Injections by the vet allowed her to continue to live comfortably and normally until age 21. After a short series of injections over a few weeks, Tiny was able to overcome the paralysis and get around, although a lot slower than previously.

Distemper as well as rabies can also affect your dog’s health and give him paralysis because of its viruses. It breaks through the brain and starts destroying its important components, which can also lead to dog paralysis. Therefore, vaccination is definitely a must, because if these viruses ultimately win against your dog’s immune system the dog will die.

To take care of a dog with canine paralysis, one must be very careful and spend a lot of time with their dog. Since they are unable to lick themselves, they have to be bathed often. Also, prepare antiseptics in case they get sores on some parts of their body. Incontinence could also be a problem, so always keep an eye out for your dog. Be prepared to carry the dog outside to “do it’s thing”. Tiny would start whining a little when she needed to go. I guess after 17 years of going out, she wasn’t about to foul her bed and home!

Have you owned a dog with this condition? Please leave comments below.

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  1. Avatar Of Climma Jean Young

    Climma jean young


    My pittbull was shot by my neighbor i took him to the vet she stated no spinal injuries or damaged organs but he cant walk stand he uses the bathroom eats and drinks he open and closes his mouth to breathe this all been happening since tues

  2. Avatar Of Janine Krzywkowski

    Janine Krzywkowski


    My sister has an 8 yr old black lab that is about 20lbs if not more overweight went from 10-0 in less than 2 weeks. At first her rear legs would just slip then hard time getting up stairs and now total paralis of rear legs. She also stopped wagging tail. She was always wagging her tail. Vet did not take exrays or bloodwork so we have no idea what could be causing this. We dont know if its her spine,tumor,tick bite,hips etc. She has incontinence and wears diapers. She looks so depressed. How can we deal with this if we dont know whats causing it?

  3. Avatar Of Viv



    My Westie collapsed yesterday without any warning, I rushed him to his vet and after x-Ray's and blood tests they said he has spinal arthritis but after reading all your comments I am wondering whether they have missed something, has he a tick somewhere. He has regular treatment, in fact I only treated him two days ago. They have given me three options one to keep him in the vets and treat him with anti inflammatories, two to have further extensive tests which cost £3000, and three to have him put to sleep. I am mortified my Jack is 12 years old, my little friend. I have left him at the vets hoping the anti-inflammatories will do it, I can't afford £3000 with no guarantee that they can help him. I am praying I don't have to make a the third decision. I am so sorry for you Jason, but you went on the vets advice please don't beat yourself up over this, if my dog is not able to get better I am going to have to make the same decision, you are not alone, but if I find out my dog does have a tick and it is treatable you would have saved my Jack.

    • Avatar Of Viv



      After my Westie Jack battling for two days he just deteriorated so quick I had to make the decision I was dreading. He went to sleep yesterday and miss him so much. I hope all you dogs overcome their paralysis and treasure every minute with them.
      I will miss my Jack forever.

      • Avatar Of Fuze44



        I'm so sorry, Viv. It's the day we all dread.

      • Avatar Of Patricia Paul

        Patricia Paul


        Last Monday my 12 yo minnpin (my sweet baby boy) woke up early like normal, ate, wandered a bit in the house while i took our other 2 dogs outside, heard Mikey yelping a death curdling scream, ran in and he was collapsed on floor unable to stand, (7 1/2 lb’s) scooped him up, he was howling screeching, writhing in my arms, drooling from pain, within an hour 1/2 we were saying goodbye to my precious baby..tumor on the spine? Not positive..just know i couldn’t let my baby suffer..I’ll miss him forever, but had a great life with him

        • Avatar Of Catherine Foraci

          Catherine Foraci


          Same thing happened to my Alusky 3.5years old. He was playing with his family then I heard him scream, I ran over he could not move his hind legs. We rushed him to the vet, after the morphine and x- rays the vet said he had a spinal injury no broken bones, but it looked like he dislocated femur to me. The vet’s prognosis was an MRI(3-5 K)and surgery to remove the disc pushing on his spinal cord. This would cost ten thousand and I would have to drive three hours to get him there for treatment right away- he had a 50% chance of ever regaining use of his hind legs. I then asked to see my dog I could hear him crying in the background.I would never end a life if there was any chance of survival or quality of life. Odin was crying mommy help me the pain was so high. I made the decision with a heavy heart as I held his head in my hands and watched his last breath.

  4. Avatar Of Princess



    Our newborn shih tzu puppy is having a sudden paralysis. He’s two months old and one time I just noticed that he couldn’t get up and he’s crying so I ran to him and found out that he can move his legs but not his body and his head. I don’t know what might be the problem, he has no tick at all

  5. Avatar Of Antoinette



    Three weeks ago, I let my 6 year old corgi out to “go”, he was out for an extensive period and I found him dragging himself into the garage, staggering almost drunkenly. Over the course of the next 7 hours, he progressed to total hind limb paralysis with no response to deep pain stimuli and b&b incontinence. I took him to the vet, radiographs were totally normal and bloodwork came back within normal limits. The vet told me that he needed an MRI and hemilaminectomy and that I had to make the decision to proceed within hours if I wanted him “to regain any function whatsoever”. Instead, I chose to treat him conservatively with steroids and rest. The recovery period for the aforementioned back surgery is approx. 8 months and involves many, many weeks of crating. This dog wouldn’t have tolerated it. I took him to a dog chiropractor out of desperation and got the expected grim prognosis. He did have the strength to sit up afterwards. Two weeks of nothing passed, we diapered him and measured him for a wheelchair. Then last Friday afternoon, I witnessed him take 5 steps, and flop back down. Over the last 96 hours, he has made an incredible recovery to the point he runs a short distance to me when he comes home. Bowel & bladder are returning to normal as is the hindquarter sensation. I don’t know if this was viral (no ticks found on him) or what, but I am absolutely overjoyed to have him back. I posted a short video of him walking on Facebook-Motherbear. I am glad we didn’t succumb to the VM panic and stayed the course

    • Avatar Of Doreen



      Oh My! Your story is so close to mine. Friday night I thought my little friend 'Bailey' was walking awkwardly by Sunday she was dragging herself by her front legs. We took her to emergency animal hospital thinking we would have to put her down. Luckily the vet explained that we need to follow the guidelines you wrote about. Bottom line, your sharing has given me hope! Thank you.

  6. Avatar Of Hiim HIIM says:

    My 7 year old dog had any wounds, his skin was not furry at all… one day, when he was outside the cage, he sat out the cage. after a day, he cannot move his legs… 4 o them all. i can hear him crying for help to stand…. what can i do ???? my parents cannot allow to take him into a vet. well, i have some little money, and what will be the medicine? i live in the philippines , so… our money is different. would it be over a thousand?

  7. Avatar Of Mark Stull

    mark stull


    our german shepard lab mix,will be 9 in november on sunday around330 -4 pm 28th aug,came out and down the steps then his back legs looked weird he started walking funny back legs sorta sideways then he fell to the ground he couldnt get back up,he tried but couldnt go up steps he dragged his back legs me and my boys tried to pick him up he was like a limp bisquit,called the vet she said nothing she could do till mon she is pregnant and couldnt run xrays we carried him in house on a big towel me and 2 boys my dog weighs 116 lbs he was trying to get up with front legs so we calmed him wife gave him pain pill and he just layed there all night , we took him to vets mon 830am, vets assistant,she took xrays coudnt see nothing crazy,his one front leg was acting up paralized too just like his back legs , she thought something neurological talking about mri and specialists , which just the ct scan or mri would be 8-900dollars without seeing specialists,so she put him onpain anti inflammatory medicine,, so monday we looked on line and called for lymes disease test monday night , then tues day morning we asked for antibiotics for lymes disease, tuesday afternoon he didnt want to use his front legs at all he was eating and drinking fine here it is wed almost 8 pm and he hasnt got any better anyone with any good info would be appeciated

    • Avatar Of Aran



      I am a Certified Veterinary Technician who has worked in the field of neurology for five years. From my experience, and based upon the breed and age of your kiddo, it sounds like he has a spinal cord problem in his neck. Most likely, a ruptured disc compressing the spinal cord. Was he seen by a veterinarian? What did they find?

      • Avatar Of Rachel



        Oh gosh! I have a similar story.
        I guess the first symptoms were mood and behavioral changes.
        Crying and yelping. Fear of being touched. Pain and panting.
        Vet assumed back injury. Anti inflammatory and pain relief.
        Then over two weeks knuckling, wobbling and paralysis of the rear legs.
        Then new vet. X-Ray showed no problems, must be a soft tissue injury.
        Can not afford diagnostic testing.
        Acupuncture, pain relief and Valium for three weeks.
        Signs of deterioration. Stiffness and soreness. Pain increasing.
        Slight knuckling of front paw.
        Considering euthanasia this week. Have made the appointment but may change my mind based on how he goes over the next few days.
        What other treatments could I try first?
        I would love to know what is wrong but I can not afford to spend money to find out my mate has something that can not be treated. I fear he now would not recover from surgery for losing so much weight. He is a 10.5 year old, Jack Russell foxy X.
        I am in two minds about the appointment. My mate is not giving up and he keeps staring at me with those big brown eyes and looks happy. I guess I just need a sign from him.

      • Avatar Of Pauline.



        ARAN: We have a 30 month old Rough Collie. Perfectly healthy, never had a tick or a flea, nothing. When she was a few months old I noticed she suddenly stumbled ( like a drunk) for about 30 seconds. She was fine in herself. Then about 3 months later in a deep sleep she had a violent seizure. rushed to vets / MRI scan to check for epilepsy. Nothing obvious, no alarm bells. Over the next few months around every 3 months she would suddenly fall, and her rear left leg was rigid for around 40 minutes.(body in spasm, drooling, eyes rolling in back of head)As she comes out of it, she sits up slowly then proceeds to walk, a little wobbly till she gets her legs moving again. She was born with a stumpy tail for her breed but the vet checked & Xrayed this searching for clues/ nothing alarming. Always wobbles on her rear left leg before going down. Even from being stood still, this has suddenly happened. These episodes are now becoming alarmingly frequent & very painful for the dog. When it happens I have to hold her down, to hold her still as she tends to panic & try to run in fear while her back leg is completely paralysed. She is now suffering these episodes every 2 weeks & although she is insured they wont cover her for anything neurological as she had her first wobble the day after we insured her. Then this week she has 2 episodes in 3 days and her whole body was shaking violently plus I cant be certain due to the way she was lay but it seems her front leg is also now being affected. Our own vet fears that one day when she goes down, she will be left permanently paralysed completely. Have you any ideas? She is the most adorable loving playful dog you could ever meet till this happens. I know one of her siblings was born with a badly distorted neck & had to be put to sleep. The mother of the litter smothered another sibling puppy & Poppy was removed from her mother & hand reared. Her breeders are very reluctant to disclose any previous problems in the breed line. Poppy is not a crossbreed, se is a thoroughbred. We have also discovered a cousin to Poppy was also born with health problems but we have been led to believe it only has a grade 6 heart murmur. Both Poppy Dad & Grandad died suddenly at the age of 6yrs.

      • Avatar Of Catherine



        Same thing happened to my Alusky 3.5years old. He was playing with his family then I heard him scream, I ran over he could not move his hind legs. We rushed him to the vet, after the morphine and x- rays the vet said he had a spinal injury no broken bones, but it looked like he dislocated femur to me. The vet’s prognosis was an MRI(3-5 K)and surgery to remove the disc pushing on his spinal cord. This would cost ten thousand and I would have to drive three hours to get him there for treatment right away- he had a 50% chance of ever regaining use of his hind legs. I then asked to see my dog I could hear him crying in the background.I would never end a life if there was any chance of survival or quality of life. Odin was crying mommy help me the pain was so high. I made the decision with a heavy heart as I held his head in my hands and watched his last breath.

        I was given the option MRI and surgery with a 50% chance of him ever walking again. we would have to get it done right away, travel would be another three hours costing 10 k. I thought spinal cord injury, the Vet said most likely ruptured disc, my boy would need surgery to decompress his spinal cord, they would remove the disc, don’t know if they would take it all there would be bone on bone then. The ER did not have an MRI machine and I was told afterwards after calling another ER that they had an MRI machine. The Vet told me they called but had nobody to operate the machine on Sunday. The diagnosis from the Vet who handled my case suspected spinal injury,ruptured disc and pain assessment 8/9-told damage to spinal cord is likely and could be due to FCE vs IVDD. Vet suggested maybe something at birth could be the cause a vessel or fat deposit ruptured within the spinal column. The Vet agreed my decision to euthanize was the humane thing to do. I asked about his possible Quality of Life- the Vet had no comment. I felt his quality of life would diminish and he would be in more pain and his dignity as the dog he was would suffer greatly. Was my logic justified?

  8. Avatar Of Terigbl



    I have a 13.5 yr old OES. For a month or so his back legs were obviously weak and he needed on occasion a boost to get off wood or tile floors. Tuesday nite he lost significant use of his rear legs. by wed. he could not support himself and can’t stand or move now. I’m taking him to specialty vet any ideas, can’t let him live in pain

  9. Avatar Of Linda



    My dog was diagnosed with Perianal Adenoma some time ago. The vet told us surgery to castrate him and remove the tumor was the only course of treatment, however, because he was a 13 year old Doberman and the last of his litter still living the surgery carried a bit of risk. The vet felt that between the risk of the surgery, his age, and the likelihood that the tumor was benign, it was a 50/50 on whether or not surgery would be a good idea. Well, with 50/50 odds and recent financial crisis in our life we decided against surgery. He has been living with the tumor for about 3 years now (he is now 16) and while it has slowly grown a bit larger he seemed to be fine. However, recently we noticed paresis in his back left leg. He can still move it and walk around but it seems like he isn’t feeling it. My husband recently had a stroke that left him with residual affects in an arm and hand and honestly the dogs behavior with his leg was almost identical to my husbands with his arm. There has not be any yelping, crying, flinching, etc so we do not believe he is experiencing any pain. He can’t stay standing on uncarpeted floors any more though and struggles a little with stairs and such. (He used to bound up and down the stairs 4 at a time, he now walks them one at a time.)
    Is it possible that the Perianal Adenoma tumor has grown even more on the inside than it has on the outside and is somehow affecting his spinal cord? My husband and I both went from working full time and making a decent income to both becoming disabled within a few weeks of each other due to our own health issues. Financially we have been in a bind due to medical bills and inability to work. Since he hasn’t shown signs of pain, and he is so old that we don’t have huge expectations for him to live a whole lot longer we have not been to the vet yet.

  10. Avatar Of Ash



    Hello guys! Please help me what to do to cure my dog his half body became paralyzed and he can’t even stand alone and he just help his body to move. We’ve already consulted two vet for my dog but I think it doesn’t help because its been a month already and his condition stay the same. But they both said that it’s because of ticks that cause nerves failure they give us the list of meds for my dog but it doesn’t work. What should I do? We’re sick of seeing our dog helpless and can’t even move.

  11. Avatar Of Blair



    My girl is currently recovering from a slipped disk above her rear legs. Got a shock this evening to find out she couldn’t even use them, and man there was a rush to get her to the vet.
    Turns out that a infection started it and bad stretching on her part finished it..
    My poor girl, slowly coming right with xrays tomorrow to reveal more, but this is going to be a very long process I think.
    Breed is a border collie × Australian hunterway, 14 months old.

  12. Avatar Of Prudence



    My dog is moving in a weird way. The back legs looks tired. He is walking like he is in the toilet.a

  13. Avatar Of Robert Pereira

    Robert Pereira


    I have a mini Doberman Pinscher born 2007 woke up one morning dog was paralyzed from the neck down had an X-ray done and blood work everything came out negative don’t understand what’s the problem he was given some medication and now they’ve shot will waiting to see the outcome of that

  14. Avatar Of Elissa



    We have an 8-year old male boxer who tested positive for Lymes Disease almost two weeks ago. It all started with his front leg limping which is one of the tall tale signs of this terrible terrible disease. I am posting because I think there are a lot things that any post I have come across doesn’t communicate. This literally takes over the ENTIRE body. There is this 5% that doesn’t make it through this. We are not sure which category we are in yet. Moose, our boxer is still in really rough shape. This all started by the way as a double ear infection and when we said this is something more we took him back in and demanded a lames disease test be done and sure enough here we are. He has lost a lot of control in his hind legs, arched back, tale tucked. Sensitivity to the touch but primarily in his neck and ear on left side. Foaming of the mouth, droopy eye lids, sudden twitches, loss of eye sight and hearing, lack of bladder control, etc. He paces in the yard like he has no clue where he is at. He will go in to small areas like between the wall and the couch and then cannot get out because he has no muscle control in his hind legs. It is as if he has no sense of space right now. He has severe dizziness so when he walks and stands he looks like a drunk old man that has had one too many. Stumbling over everything. The list goes on. The only thing that gives us hope is that he still is eating and drinking really well. I take him in Thursday for his two week check up so I am anxious to talk to the vet some more about this. We have come across several articles that say dogs that are older and have arthritis take longer to show signs of improvement. My heart aches for anyone going through this as it is hard to see your animal suffer. If anyone else has seen Lymes Disease to this severity i would love to hear from you. This is a disease that doesn’t get talked about enough, especially when we are talking about severe cases that don’t fit in to the norm.

    • Avatar Of Joy



      This sounds a lot like what is going on with my lab, 12 yrs old. He had blood work done and they said it was unremarkable. So tired of not knowing why it keeps happening. He has arthritis and is starting water treadmill soon. If u don’t mind me asking- do u live in tallahassee? I knew a boxer named moose and was curious if u are the same person I used to talk to.either way, good luck to u and pls tell me what happened at the checknup. Thank

  15. Avatar Of Sandy Holland

    Sandy Holland


    my basset in good health got it on a Sat. night and the next day my beagle got it in less than 24 hours later! What the heck is going on?????? Going to the vet tomorrow.

    • Avatar Of Sandy Holland

      Sandy Holland


      Tick parylasis. My basset in good health got it sitting at my feet got it fast on a Sat. night. Could not use her hind legs. Dragging as she went. It is heart breaking! Then the next day (less than 24 hours) my beagle got it in his hind quarters.But he could walk a bit. Going to the vet tomorrow!

      • Avatar Of Emily M. Sabbagh

        Emily M. Sabbagh


        Just delt with the same thing with my 15 yr old female pointer. It lasted 2 weeks. She made a nice recovery. The vet put her on a short prednisone taper, cerenia for nausa, famotidine 2x a day for stomach upset(common side effect of prednisone) she first lust control of her left hind leg then her left front leg. She had to be sling ambulated and fed and watered with help. Dont give up on yoyr dog evenbif this seems hopeless. Its a lit of work but helpvthem through with 24/7 care. Prednidone makes them pant and very thirsty so you nee to help thembout every 1-2hours.This has to be some virus. My dog is leashed and in mo way got into racoon salivia. Two other dogs in the area had somilar symptoms within the last week here in Western Washington. Dont give up !

  16. We lost our beloved Border terrier, Rusty, 2 weeks ago. In a matter of about 3 weeks with intensive medical treatment and rest for disc problems affecting his spine which came on very suddenly he could not even stand t go to toilet.I had to hold him up and support his legs. He lost the spark in his eyes and seemed to be begging me to help him. We had him put to sleep as we could see there was no improvement and in fact he became completley unable to control or move his back end and legs. I miss him every day but feel I did the right thing for him, as did the vet. I had had a 2nd opinion and did my best for him. He was only 11 which for a small terrier is not old and has always been very active. Do what you feel is right. In the end your beloved friend will let you know when he has had enough.

  17. Avatar Of Kim Hedrick

    Kim Hedrick


    I hope this helps someone. I have a 9 year old Siberian Husky. He went from completely normal, active, having had a 2 mile walk in the morning, to paralyzed in all four legs that evening. It came on in a matter of minutes. I immediately took him to a pet hospital. They did X-rays and blood work. They appeared normal. They ruled out poison of some kind, botulism, and a trauma of some sort. Their thought was the type of stroke that occurs when a piece of skeletal bone chips off and lodges in the spine. He stayed in the hospital for 2 days. They wanted me to take him to a veterinary hospital at a university near by for MRI and possible surgery. I thought I would lose him. I did my own research and found that Lyme Disease had a sudden onset of paralysis in dogs. They had not even considered it. I asked them to treat him with antibiotics and see if he responded, since I couldn’t take him to the University until Monday. Lyme Disease will respond to treatment of antibiotics in a short time usually. When I went to pick him up on Monday to take him for an MRI…he was walking. He still struggled, but he went on a several week treatment of antibiotics and regained mobility. This just happened, so I hesitant to declare victory, but it is very positive, especially with the prognosis. Insist on other treatment or tests if the vet is just jumping straight to surgery.

  18. Avatar Of Carl



    Our boxer would be turning 2 next month. Yesterday we came home and didn’t understand what was happening as we tried to watch her walk as she was unable to use her back legs. We took her to the vet and she stayed overnight but I’m afraid we’ll have to make a tough decision today

  19. Avatar Of Sara Zaremberg

    Sara Zaremberg


    My 17 year old toy poodle has rear leg paralysis that comes and goes – he also has been walking around in circles which at first we thought was an inner ear problem. We treated for that to no avail. The vet suggested not doing an MRI or CT because he felt surgery at his age would not be recommended at his age. My pooch eats, drinks, pees and poops regularly – we do carry him outside (to avoid stairs) and he wears a male wrap in the house now. He exhibits to signs of pain and is eager to get his ‘good boy’ treats. Any thoughts about why the paralysis comes and goes???

    • We are currently experiencing the same thing with our Collie/Shepherd. Drs and hospital said it was a disc issue. However, my hunch is that its an infection caused by infected teeth. Lymes test was negative, but white blood cell count was high. She just had 10 teeth removed due to them being loose or abscessed. On antibiotics and anti inflammatory now. Crossing fingers thst my hunch is right.

  20. Avatar Of Nancy Roeben

    Nancy Roeben


    My doxibeagle had to be put to sleep because of a slow progressing paralysis of the back end. At first our doctor thought it was a slipped disc and treated her for two weeks aggressively. Little Maggie didn’t respond and finally got worse including incontinence. She didn’t want to leave us and took more meds than usual to put her to sleep. She now is resting in the garden where she loved to chace lizzards. The doctor suspected a tumor that was slow growing.

  21. Avatar Of Richard English

    Richard English


    My wife and I woke up Tuesday morning to find our 4 year-old cocker spaniel/Yorkie mix lying on the floor unable to move. He could only move his head. Blood work was clear and X-rays showed nothing. The Vet believed that it was something to do with his spinal cord and recommended uthenizing him. We are heartbroken, such a wonderful , loving dog. He continued to give me kisses until he passed. Very sad:(. How does a dog go from fine one night to paralyzed by morning?

    • Avatar Of Mark



      So sorry to hear about your loss. Same thing happened to my 9 year old Siberian Husky. I made the decision to put him to sleep. I wonder if perhaps I should have gone with some form of treatment, but I couldn’t bear to see him suffer. Max had one bad day in his 63 human year life. I didn’t want him to have more bad days.

  22. Avatar Of Pennie



    we have a little toy poodle, he was fine this morning and this afternoon about 12:45 his right front legs started sliding straight out in front of him and he couldn’t move it back, he tried to walk towards me and he just couldn’t make it. So I picked him up and tried to stand him up and he just started to fall over. Then we noticed him back leg was doing the same thing and we realized this poor boy is paralyzed on his right side. And to make matters worse our vet is closed on wed. this is just heartbreaking for us because he was fine this morning.

  23. Avatar Of Andy Haas

    Andy Haas


    My chihuahua is 13 years old and has had spine problems once before when he was younger. Around age 6 he lost use of his back legs when I took him to the vet he gave him some meds and said he needs rest if he doesn’t get well we can operate on him for $5000.00. He got well and was able to walk and have a normal life. This weekend he has lost use of his back legs again, I just took him to the vet about two weeks ago and they gave me a flea treatment and some antibiotics for his ears (the reason for the vet visit is he appeared to have an ear infection) I told the vet that I no longer put flea medicine on him because he would act very strange when I did. That being said I don’t know what really caused it. I am taking him back to the vet but any info sure would be appreciated. I cant stand to see him like this and cant even imagine what spinal surgery would do to him.

  24. Avatar Of Lisa



    I am wondering how many pups with sudden paralysis had been to the vet and had the rabies vaccine that same week. Our chihuahua beagle mix was having new trouble climbing the stairs on the one day we ever boarded our dogs. In order to board them, they had to have several vaccines. Our Tika does horribly with them so I asked for someone to watch her carefully. She had an exam at 10:00am to evaluate her painful gait. She was walking fine. By 2:00pm the staff notes she can no longer move her back legs. They do not call us. My husband picks up a paralyzed dog thinking she must just be really sore, but as soon as I saw her I knew she was paralyzed. She is doing well enough. I feel more confident expressing her bladder now, but I have to say she is very lethargic today in contrast to yesterday. She takes only a bit of water and the only way I can get her to eat is to start with her favorite treat then I can get her anti inflammatory in her and then I had spoon feed her wet food. Everything has to be on her terms.

  25. Avatar Of Janette



    Our 3 year old min pin passed away suddenly on Sunday January 17th. He was healthy and had lots of energy. That evening he couldn’t walk, he was very wobbly like he was drunk. Definately had paralysis We took him to the emergency animal clinic and he wanted to do some tests on his spine but not until the Tuesday. So we took him home and vet gave him pain medication. Well he passed away the about 4 hours later. I am so devastated and heartbroken. Always wondering why the vet didnt do more. We got an autopsy done and now waiting for results. It’s so painful that he’s not with us anymore and we don’t know why.

  26. Avatar Of James Bookout

    James Bookout


    We have a poodle/ Bichon mix and he recently began to limp/wobble on his back two legs and was in obvious pain all the sudden. This is the 2nd time it has happened to him. The firs time we took him to the vet and they took Xrays and gave us pain pills and sent us on our way saying he has a herniated disk and give him rest. This 2nd time he was much worse and could hardly move. When he did try to move it was hard to watch as he would wobble everywhere falling down and peeing on himself. We discussed taking him back to the vet but decided to wait 2 days and see if he improved (we had pain pills and muscle relaxers left over from the last visit). On day 2 he was improved significantly and by day 5 he was back to walking normal. With that said we still make sure we do not allow him to jump and run as much as he used to to be safe. I hope it does not happen again because it is hard to see him helpless and in so much pain.

  27. Avatar Of Erin



    I have a 14 year old Australian Shepard that we rescued from an abusive home a year ago. He has always had a bad back leg (the vet said he likely had nerve damage from being kicked around), but he could always get around, although he could not jump or run very well.
    Suddenly, 3 days ago, he lost the use of both of his hind legs. He does not appear to be fully paralyzed as he can feel when we touch his feet or press on his hips, but he seems unable to control his legs or hold himself up. He can still control urination/bowel movements and wag his tail.
    We went to the vet, and she said that because he is too old for surgery (and we can’t afford surgery) that we can try anti-inflammatory med & rest, but he is not likely to get better and we should consider putting him down if he doesn’t improve in two weeks.
    He is such a happy dog, and he is still so bright…it seems impossible that it is his time to go. He also does not appear to be in any pain. Does anybody have any tips for nursing a paralyzed dog? Or was there anything you found that helped him regain control of his limbs?
    My sig. other believes we should let him go, and as time goes by I am having a harder time convincing him to try to save Buddy. I feel like I’m against the clock and running out of options.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I love Buddy so much, and I think he still has plenty of life in him.

    • Avatar Of Burt



      In the same situation… Mom is 82 and her pride and joy is her 14 year old Australian Shepherd… they go twice daily on a 2 mile loop… Sunday he couldn’t move is back legs… Mom is devastated and the vet on call did not offer much hope at that age… he is beautiful and just looks at you… doesn’t appear to be in pain… he was born here.

  28. Avatar Of Safarah May

    Safarah May


    My dog is a canine and he’s suffering his illness for almost 3-4 months and one of veterinarian that I’ve consulted that my dog is about to die. But I want to ask if there’s a possibility to heal my dog? PLEASEEEE HELP ME. he’s the first dog I care.

  29. Avatar Of Jack



    I have a German Shepherd, his both hind limbs are non functional. He s not able to walk, or even stand. What should I do?

    • Avatar Of Amanda



      We have a chocolate lab that has partial paralysis in her hind legs. First symptoms were noticed Monday, Tuesday we took her to the vet when her legs started completely giving out. That’s when we found out she has something going on in her spine/discs. She’s on confined rest, 2 anti inflammation meds, plus icing twice a day. Been 3 days with no improvement. We aren’t sure what will happen. Sorry for your pup situation.

  30. Avatar Of Raynese Webb

    Raynese webb


    This happen to my yorkiepoo last night we took him to the vet last night he was walking fine they said he wasn’t feeling well because of his teeth so they gave us meds for him when we got home we gave him a canine pill when he woke up he couldn’t move his legs

  31. Avatar Of L Paige

    L paige


    This happened last week 14/10/15 my 5 year old rottweiler bitch who was a normally fit and healthy dog. She was fine all day on the 14th even playing with my sprocker, she went upstairs that night lay down for an hour then came back downstairs that’s when I noticed she couldn’t put her front right paw down properly it was like she had no feeling in it. I thought she had maybe been lying funny like she had done before. Then Thursday came round by this time she had gone off her food she still couldn’t walk on her paw but I also noticed her back legs were weak she couldn’t balance herself so I rang the vets they said to keep her comfortable and get her down the following morning. By Friday my beautiful big girl couldnt even stand up she just lay there only been able to lift her head so we rushed her to the vets. They took her in and told me that they thought she had an infection of some sort and that she wasn’t paralysed and that she just didn’t want to get up because of the pain, that obviously wasn’t the case they kept her in and that night she deteriorated I got a call the following morning saying she no longer could move she had to be put to sleep that was the most heart breaking thing. I went down to be with my baby girl and she was just lying there unable to move her eyes were flickering she could barely breathe and I was told her organs were failing. The vet said that what ever had caused it was either a brain tumor or some other brain problem. It happened do quick how can my baby girl be ok Wednesday then me have to say my last goodbye Saturday. I don’t know if anyone else has had anything like this happen to their beloved pet but we are still in shock it happened so quick.

    • Avatar Of Civils



      I just had the very same thing happen to my 7 yr old dauchsund. She was fine a week earlier, had progressive paralysis, then died unable to stand or lift her head. The symptoms are identical. The Vet had no idea what it was caused by. I keep wondering if there was something I could have done differently!
      [email protected]

      • Avatar Of Lisa B

        Lisa B


        This just happened to us with our almost 7 yr old doxie. Last Monday couldn’t walk, out of the blue. By Sunday night she passed away. We are heartbroken. Did you ever get an answer as to what happened to your dog? I’m sorry for your loss..

    • Avatar Of Kat Kat says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss sweetie. It’s absolutely horrid. Was she tilting her head at all beforehand?
      I found my westie just laying in the garden on Sunday, she was looking with her eyes but that was it. We rushed her to the vets, she got up and walked around for a bit, we left her to have some tests. They Ruled out heart, lungs and lover issues but they think they were brain issues. We had to go and say goodbye the same evening and have her put to sleep. That was Sunday. Saturday she seemed fine. We had been away and had a great time altogether. It was so sudden. I’m heartbroken and feel your pain. X

  32. Avatar Of Alicia Alicia says:

    We have a chihuahua mix and he got an ear infection. Not because of ticks. The hair in his ear. Now he’s got canine paralysis. I ordered the wheelchair for him. I’m disabled and so is my partner so it’s hard for us. I have to take him out. But no way will we euthanize him. He’s 10 yrs old and we will do everything in our power to help him. It’s hard but he’s our son.

    • Avatar Of Kat Kat says:

      We had to say goodbye to our little darling last Sunday. Of course no one will tell you what to do. But Think about the pain your little one might be in and what his life has now become. Its not the same for them, he cannot run and be free like he needs to be. It’s a really hard decision to make but it shows how much you love them if you don’t want them to suffer. God bless whatever you decide

      • Avatar Of Kat Palmer

        Kat palmer


        I know this post is older, but thank you for saying that. I had put my baby down for the same reason. I had/have an Irish Setter. I can’t imagine giving them a life without running. And trust me. I would give my life for these babies. But no way could I force him into a wheel chair. Vets need to explain that it hurts them mentally. Also so sorry for all who are going through this.

  33. Avatar Of Caria Caria says:

    First get spine and hip xrays to determine the cause. I had two senior dogs with Hip Dysplasia and arthritis. I now have a 2 yr. old Flat Coated Retriever with Hip Dysplasia and usually early osteoarthritis, who is getting Adequan injections, plus Dosuquin and Welactin Fish Oil supplements (best price on Amazon). I am happy to say my girl is leaping with joy!

    I wish other vets had recommended Adequan, instead of Rimadyl – an anti-inflammatory that caused fatal liver disease to both of my other dogs. Tramadol is an effective, inexpensive alternative pain reliever without serious side effects. Also acupuncture if you can afford it. Good luck!

  34. Avatar Of Bj Gatten

    BJ Gatten


    We have a lab who has been having some trouble getting up to go out and do her business. now this afternoon she can’t get up on all fours at all. I am worried sick about her, she is an inside dog and has no ticks or fleas as we treat her regularly. She has managed to get around in the house some but not up and on all fours. She can move both of her back legs, she just can’t stand up on them. She is 8 years old that we know of, and may be 10. Any help is welcome, Thanks.

    • Avatar Of Maggie Maggie says:

      Hello, I love dogs and your story as well as the others are heartbreaking. I ended up on this page because my friends dog had sudden paralysis & I was wondering what caused it. I have a natural product that may help. I have seen dogs have great improvement with health weather young or old. I can be reached at 262-408-0785. The product is called Canine Health. There are so many dogs out there that need this. I need help getting the word out. Thank you.

      • Avatar Of Safarah May

        Safarah May


        How can I get that medicine If I’m here in the Philippines. Is that for free? I need to heal my dog I love him so much TT.TT

  35. Avatar Of Mary



    My 14 year old had rabie and distemper shots. Vet made my husband get. I told him before going not to. Since then about 10 days ago she had 2 different days that she didn’t walk or eat. Lucy takes a walk daily otherwise. Do I try something or wait it out. Don’t want to take to vet

    • Avatar Of Keith



      We have saved two dogs with paralysis one with neurological problem one with tumor on spine.
      .Yes …nothing else could save my huskies. They get Noni juice once per week.
      Don’t doubt it….do it

  36. Avatar Of Jessica



    My dog is 4 turning 5 in September. Suddenly one morning my dog seemed sad & came up the stairs to see me in my room I didn’t know she did cause I was sleeping my parents told me. Anyway when i woke up I found my dog laying in the middle of the stairs & wouldn’t go up any further she didn’t seem hurt so I didn’t think anything of it. As the day goes by my dog starts to buckle her legs & sway. So I called my parents I looked online it said her anal glands should be expressed. So off to the vet we go, he did the expression & she seemed better walking properly & didn’t seem in pain. Then that night I found her to be in distress panting shaking whining, so I told my parents. They made another appointment & the vet didn’t the texts & said she was backed up & her pee & poop needed to be drained. So we did that. Shortly after she was walking excellent! Then today came around she’s dragging her back legs happy but still can’t walk. Every time we thin it’s okay we get sent right back to square one.. some people say it could be the nerves in the brain.. other websites say food poisoning & canned food or ticks.. help!!!

  37. My dog entered the room okay but then fell all of a sudden and started yelping in pain trying to bite when I tried to touch her. Upon inspection I found the right leg was in intense pain. Im having a really hard time getting her to poop and pee.She whimpers to signal it. She pees when laid on grass and needs to be walked(holding the rear up) to get her to poop. She’s eating and drinking fine. Im not sure what to do. She’s also been having hers periods for some time now.I wonder if it has anything to do with it. Im at a complete loss of what to do.

  38. Avatar Of Kathleen Cosgrove

    Kathleen Cosgrove


    My german sheppart collie mix was 17 and she was loved her walks
    then she started to fall down and I helped her up to walk then she
    could not walk anymore. I gave her regular physio and her front
    legs were completely stiff, when she did walk at the beginning she
    dragged her feet until her nails bled , then she could not walk anymore
    just lift her head to eat, I fed her most of the time, bathed her, cleaned
    up after her incontinence and gave her a soft bed and blankets to lie
    on , I moved her around a lot so she did not get bed sores, I talked to
    her and spent 24 7 giving her massages, and making sure she was
    comfortable. She was a constant medication for urinary tract
    infections and drank water all the time she was always thirsty.
    The last few days were horrible when she whimpered almost all
    the time. She weighed 94 pounds and towards the end did not
    even eat her dog food but would eat a little human food.
    I believe this is what she had and when the stress of her life
    long companion cat died the dog went completely down hill
    Sheila RIP

  39. Avatar Of Kim



    We just adopted an almost 12 year old deerhound/aussie mix with extreme weakness in his hind legs. When we finally got him home,and took him for a walk,he seemed even weaker so we gave him 1/2 deramaxx. The next day, even weaker, the vet recommended deramaxx and tramadol. He didn’t do well with the tramadol so we kept on with deramaxx. Now he is totally paralyzed in his hind, can’t stand or walk. As anyone had this kind of extreme reaction to deramaxx?

  40. Avatar Of Terry



    Can somebody please help us?

    Griffey, our 8 month old pug was taken to the vet yesterday when he lost the use of his right front leg. Shortly after, he has paralysis in all four legs, with the hind two stiff as a board. X-Rays have come up with nothing and right now my wife is on her way to US Davis in CA to see a neurologist and have a MRI done. He was perfectly fine an hour before this all this happened.

    I’ve been reading the responses and would like to know where I can find this magical Dr Tran’s detox stuff. Please help

    • Avatar Of Tinal



      My 6 year old lab mix did the same thing. Had a rabies vaccine just 6 mo after having his last due to a dog biting him. Within a few days he couldn’t walk. Things looked grim. We made him a homemade stretcher to get him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis by the neurologist. They gave him meds that had him right back up. The cost to diagnose him was under $800. We had a free exam coupon with a different vet because I wanted an unbiased opinion and they referred us to a neurologist which we immediately went there. A month in a half later I could tell he was beyond 100% recovered so we weaned him from the meds. It could have been life long, so I am happy to say he is in remission.

      • Avatar Of Donna I Donna I says:

        We have a 6 month puppy that is being flow back today from New Jersey to Texas because of a rabies shot. She is having paresis from her Rabies vaccine which is progressing daily. Can you please tell me what the doctor used to treat your baby. We will be starting Thuja, sulf and Lyssim as soon as she gets here.

  41. Avatar Of Talha



    I have a 10 and a half years old pekingese female. 2 days ago she has had a sudden paralysis. She cant even stand on her hind legs. I have taken her to many doctors but nothing seems to work. She is completely fit there is no medical problem with her according to the doctors. I dont no what to. Im really worried for my dog syndy. I hope she gets well soon.

    • Avatar Of Tinal



      how is she now. My 6 year old lab mix did the same thing. Had a rabies vaccine just 6 mo after having his last due to a dog biting him. Within a few days he couldn’t walk. Things looked grim. We made him a homemade stretcher to get him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis by the neurologist. They gave him meds that had him right back up. The cost to diagnose him was under $800. We had a free exam coupon with a different vet because I wanted an unbiased opinion and they referred us to a neurologist which we immediately went there. A month in a half later I could tell he was beyond 100% recovered so we weaned him from the meds. It could have been life long, so I am happy to say he is in remission.

    • Avatar Of Miriam Vazquez

      Miriam Vazquez


      Hello, I have a 10 year old Samoyed Mix, two days ago she layed down and never got up again, did your dog Syndy ever recover? were you able to find the cause of her paralisys? any asistance or imput you can provide will be greatly appreciated as the vets can not find the problem with my dog. Thank you.

  42. Avatar Of K Deason

    K Deason


    My dog’s hind legs have been paralyzed for a couple of months now. He became paralyzed suddenly and the Vet. Did. Nothing! Now i’m pretty sure it’s permanant. I can’t afford more outrageous vet bills just on the off chance they might could do something especially with the low odds. It was suggested to me that my dog, whom my children and I adore, is leading a miserable life since he can’t get around without his wheel chair or dragging himself and should be put down. What do ya’ll think?

    • Avatar Of Tinal



      My 6 year old lab mix did the same thing. Had a rabies vaccine just 6 mo after having his last due to a dog biting him. Within a few days he couldn’t walk. Things looked grim. We made him a homemade stretcher to get him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis by the neurologist. They gave him meds that had him right back up. The cost to diagnose him was under $800. We had a free exam coupon with a different vet because I wanted an unbiased opinion and they referred us to a neurologist which we immediately went there. A month in a half later I could tell he was beyond 100% recovered so we weaned him from the meds. It could have been life long, so I am happy to say he is in remission.

    • Avatar Of Sandra



      All of a sudden my 6 year old chihuahua mix started limping with his left leg and within days both his back legs became paralyzed. It has been a week and I have already visited the vet 4 times, he is on corticosteroids and a muscle relaxant, he said since my dog seems fine health wise that hopefully within a week we should start seeing an improvement, but isn’t sure if the paralysis is permanent. So far, it’s been very labor intensive taking care of my dog since I have other responsibilities as well. My dog seems very depressed I keep worrying about his quality of life. To be a dog and not be able to BE a dog, must be misery. I am conflicted that if it’s proven to be a permanent disability if I can handle it.

  43. Avatar Of Eric



    Would like to find this dr. Trans detox product.

    • Avatar Of Keith



      It’s easy just get serious. Also Morinda Tahitian Noni.

  44. Avatar Of Eric



    I have a male Pitbull or rottweiler mix he is 11 years old today. 2 days ago front legs knuckled in and he fell on his face. Now he has paralysis of all 4 legs. Docs had him on several different meds due to a enlarged prostate and bladder not working correctly. And a acl issue. This started after a day or 2 of being on this deramaxx med. It’s kind of like rimadyl. Any info out there. Freaking out.

  45. Avatar Of Suzy



    Can’t find Dr. Tran detox product. My dog had sudden onset of paralysis this morning and I want to try this.

  46. Avatar Of Margaret



    I have an Aussie terrier with the same problem

    • Avatar Of Margaret Margaret says:

      I Have an Aust. Terrier that has paralysis 11 years old tried stem cell injectios and it work for 6 weeks , has gone done again, and although I have been back to the vet for medication and tests nothing seems to be working.. I am Desperate..

  47. Avatar Of Marcia



    I have a 7 year old maltese and the other day I took her out to pee, and all of a sudden she was crying like something bit her, I picked her up and rushed her to the vet, I never checked the grass to see if any animal was there. but they took an x-ray and it was her back, she could not walk, it has been six days as of today and they put her on predosone and a spasom compound, today she
    is walking a little, this hs been very scary.

  48. Avatar Of Keith



    THERE IS HOPE, I HAVE FOUND IT !My dog was paralyzed 5 days ago, could not walk, a sudden onset, and into vet care, all possible tests completed and conclusion is neurological. My vet told me take him home no more can be done,I gave him a doses of Dr Tran’s magical product for detox and body systems.
    ONE HOUR later he gets up; walks still unsteady around the yard. He is still improving and my vet is baffled….. and amazed. If you are serious type Dr Tran into your browser and find out; this is working for me. Sincerely; Keith

    • Avatar Of Suzy



      Did not find the product. Can you send info to [email protected]. Our dog had sudden onset of paralysis this am.

    • Avatar Of Peter



      Cannot find Dr Tran’s magical product for detox and body systems. Really need to try this. My Min Pin had rapid onset full paralysis. Two vets, blood tests, xrays, IVs, steroids, different meds, barely holding his own, passes reflex tests and can feel toes etc….can only speculate ate something poisonous. Is on trifexous and no signs of tics or fleas. When I say “rapid” happened over the course of two hrs. Please help if anyone can. ….Peter

      • Avatar Of Keith Vanderee

        Keith Vanderee


        Mr Bo has the vet baffled, he was paralyzed for several days. Our vet could not find the problem after $1,800. worth of tests.
        Detoxed with Noni juice (from good health stores) and even today he is as normal. as a 10 year old Husky can be. Use Pure black Noni juice 3x 50 ml per day , feed with a bottle and tube down the throat, carefully.
        We have used it for years. You can add a little honey for flavor. Blessings with Noni. Dr. Tran and Noni Juice….get it at the store….easy !!!

        It could be your last hope !

    • Avatar Of Keith



      We use this fantastic natural product for all ailments. Get with it.Get Noni Juice Forget Dr.Tran. You can buy pure fermented Noni juice at health stores. Or buy Morinda Noni juice from a distributor. Easy to find.
      Not just a detox it works at cellular level. My vet told me that the paralysis were neurological and
      no treatment possible. OK. I carried my dog home and gave 50 ml of Noni juice mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and 5 ml of water,4 times per day with a sqeeze bottle and tube down the throat slowly, do not choke the dog. Two days later he is up and walking. We use raw foods and some raw vegies mainly, and Purina dry food occasionally. Noni also saved our boy Khan dying from snake bite, gave us time to get to the vet. You will find Noni juice, use some effort it’s all over the Inet.

  49. Avatar Of Keith



    My ten year old Siberian Husky male suddenly developed paralysis of the left front leg, appearing very fast, also a sore neck, and dribbling urine.Blood test indicate all is normal.
    After the first day at the vet clinic, under observation,medications,drip, antibiotics etc. x rays and tests conditions have not improved in fact have become worse also effecting the back legs. Although the cost is $1400. the cause is still unknown. Day three and no improvements and on medications,Rilexine AB and Rimadyl and the dog is now at home.

  50. Hello there! This blog post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He always kept talking about this. I am going
    to forward this post to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a very good read.
    I appreciate you for sharing!

  51. Avatar Of Alfred Alfred says:

    Injection with ivermectin cause paralysis of fore and rear limbs

  52. Avatar Of Txtmblweed



    I own a small farm in a rural Texas area, the nearest town is about seven miles North and I have six dogs of my own–all mixed breeds. This afternoon, a beautiful stray older tan male boxer showed up, with no tags or collar, staggering, barely able to stand, and obviously not well. It showed absolutely no aggression, actually acting as if unaware any human were near whenever I approached it. It had a slight foaming at his mouth and barely able to stagger around without falling. Finally, it collapsed, breathing hard and making no effort to get back on its feet. It also had a distinct skunk smell as if it had tangled with a skunk–but no signs of bites or puncture wounds. I had already rounded up all of my dogs and put them safe inside, I did not see my dogs even approach or make contact with the stray earlier.

    I phoned the County Animal Control, who arrived within minutes. They carefully examined the animal. There were no signs of bleeding or injury from impact with a car, but only an x-ray could actually determine that. Their main concern was distemper as several cases had been reported in our County. The Officer contacted his supervisor and discussed the findings. The stray dog was obviously suffering, paralyzed, and unable to follow us with its eyes, it was easy to see that this stray was already in deep trouble and suffering in shock. The Officer decided to euthanize the dog to end its suffering, and take the animal corpse back to the pound for analysis.

    I know that they’d probably freeze the corpse to obtain brain tissue to send to our local A&M University to check for rabies. They’ll also take blood and bladder samples to test for distemper. So, discussion? What would you have done? What would you recommend for y dogs? They’ve all had their rabies shots but not distemper!

    • Avatar Of Pam



      You MUST give them Distemper shots! You can buy a Canine 7-way from your local feedstore for ~$10 & administer it to your dogs yourself, to save on vet fees.

  53. Avatar Of Jason Ring

    Jason Ring


    My yellow lab Andy experienced full paralysis four weeks ago. I woke up to him whimpering in my bathroom for he couldn’t move. I took him to two different vets and after two days I put him down. My best friend of eleven years. We had ticks for the first time, and after researching his condition, may have been the cause. I also have learned it may have been treatable. That part kills me. I would have done anything to get a few more years with him. I feel that I fell short of savng him. I’m so sorry Andy.

    • Avatar Of Bonnie



      You did the right, humane thing.You took him to two veterinarians for their opinions.

      Tick paralysis generally begins with paralysis of the hind limbs and progresses to the front limbs and would occur over a period of several days; as opposed to the sudden onset of total paresis in your dog.

      You and Andy had good years together. We owe them to make the best decision possible when they are seriously disabled; you did well with a terribly difficult painful decision and I am sure that Andy would thank you.
      Bonnie Gulick, DVM

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