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Beagles Are Cute Singers

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Beagles Are Cute Singers, in my humble opinion. I personally get a laugh out of their distinctive bark, which maybe can be described as part howl, part bark, and part gargling! Most people seem to like the sound, but there are probably some that don’t.

One of the cutest breeds out there is the Beagle. They have been used for many years in various TV commercials and ads, and many dog owners have them as a pet. Beagles have an exceptional charm that captures the hearts of millions.

Beagles Are Cute Singers

Beagles supposedly come from the United Kingdom, but their ancestors look completely different from what they do now. Their name comes from either two of these words: “beigle”, French word for “useless or with little value”, or the Celtic word “beag” which means “small”. Does that mean they are small, useless dogs? The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1884, and as of today, the breed continues to be popular among breeders and owners.

The Beagle is a semi-small canine with strong muscles. They have a keen sense of smell, and there are two sizes: below 13 inches tall and around 13 to 15 inches tall. The smaller sizes weigh 18 to 20 pounds while the bigger variety is around 20 to 30 pounds. According to standards, they can come in “any hound color”, such as double (e.g. red and white, tan and white, lemon and white) or triple colors (e.g. a combination black, brown and white). Solid colors are also seen, but they are rare. The most common are white or tan.

They also have cute, soft eyes, which is a big part of their appeal, as if the expression “sad puppy face”. They also have long ears, but not as long as a Basset’s. They maybe small but they have long bodies, with a moderate-sized tail behind. Beagles are double-coated so they shed, despite the fact that they have a short and hard coat. Their coat sheds more in spring and grows thick during the cold winter.

Families and individuals should be aware that a Beagle has a curious and adventurous nature, so it should be kept under supervision at all times and be trained to stay at home, so that it does not wander off into the streets and possibly (let’s hope it does not) run into danger. Beagles are bred to be social dogs so it can be a hassle to train them when they are the only dog in your house.

Beagles should undergo some obedience classes so that they do not go astray or do unpredictable things due to their curious nature. People and experts recommend taking a Beagle for a walk using a leash. If your yard is not fenced, or if you do not have a yard, make sure he is on the leash. And if you can afford, build a fence in or around your yard.

Grooming is pretty much the same as other dogs, especially double-coated ones. Since they have droopy ears, they should be cleaned habitually to prevent yeast infections, ear mites, and other possible ear problems.

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