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Bedlington Terrier

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The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of lamb-like dog that originated in England. It belongs to the terrier breed family which is distinguished for their unique personality and excellent hunting skills. Bedlington Terriers have been bred to hunt hare, fox, and badger, and become vermin killers, and retrievers. Their thick double coat is made up of a combination of hard and soft hair. Coat colors usually include sandy, liver, blue, sandy and tan, blue and tan, and liver and tan.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Belington Terrier breed normally stand a height of 16 to 17 in at the withers, and weigh between 18 to 23 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, are quite smaller with a typical height of 15 to 16 in, and a weight of about 18 to 23 lbs.


Bedlington Terriers, in general, are lively, playful, and affectionate dogs. They are loving toward children and moderately friendly around strangers. No wonder, the breed makes excellent family companions. Bedlington Terriers are also known to be cheerful and loyal, though can become rather wilful and stubborn with inadequate leadership. Early socialization is highly necessary so the dogs can bond well with other non-canine household animals. Additionally, Bedlington Terriers are energetic and very brave dogs. They are enthusiastic diggers and are seen to be swift runners. They love to bark and are likely to become obsessive with it. To keep the breed from becoming high-strung, adequate mental and physical stimulation has to be provided. These terriers need a firm yet gentle owner who can display self-assurance and consistency in their leadership approach.


Bedlington Terriers are quite demanding in their grooming needs. Their coat is somewhat complicated to maintain. Although they tend to shed very little, the breed has to be groomed by a professional every 6 to 8 weeks. Brushing needs to be done on a regular basis, though bathing may not be carried out too frequently. Clipping is not advisable as it could ruin their coat.

Health Concerns

Some of the common health issues linked with the breed include copper toxicosis, kidney disease, thyroid problems, and several eye defects such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. Bedlington Terriers have an average life expectancy of 13 to 15 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Bedlington Terrier breed are generally suitable for apartment living. But because they are highly energetic dogs, giving them a lot of exercise every day is very necessary. Access to a yard is also ideal. Taking them out for long walks each day is highly recommended.

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