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Belgian Laekenois


The Belgian Laekenois, also referred to as the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois, is a breed of square, sturdy dog that originated in Belgium. It belongs to the herding breed family which is recognized for their being outstanding at controlling the movement of other animals. Belgian Laekenois is the rarest among the Belgian Sheepdogs, and have been bred to perform various police functions such as bomb detection and search and rescue. Their moderately long, wiry coat is rough, and usually comes between fawn to mahogany colors, partly covered with black.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Belgian Laekenois breed normally stand a height of 24 to 26 in at the withers, while bitches are a bit shorter with a height of 22 to 24 in. Both sexes commonly have a weight of about 55 to 65 lbs.


Belgian Laekenois, in general, are obedient and highly intelligent dogs known to be determined, alert, and watchful with their surroundings. To keep them from becoming shy and sensitive, early socialization is recommended. The breed needs an experienced master who can be firm yet gentle at disciplining them. Handlers also have to be confident and consistent in their leadership approach so they remain manageable. Because of the breed’s strong protective as well as territorial instincts, proper training is necessary. Additionally, Belgian Laekenois are loyal, and excellent with children. To keep them from becoming destructive, proper human leadership, adequate exercise, and constant companionship have to be provided. Because of their strong hunting instincts, they are rarely trusted with small, non-canine animals.


Belgian Laekenois have moderate coat care needs. Their rough, wiry coat needs to be trimmed a couple of times a year. Owners have to always remove their dead hair. Bathe the breed only when very necessary.

Health Concerns

Belgian Laekenois are a hardy breed with no major health issues. In fact, they have an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. Nonetheless, like any other canines, they are also prone to a few health problems such as skin allergies, eye defects, hip and elbow dysplasia.

Best Environment

With sufficient exercise, members of the Belgian Laekenois will do just fine in apartment-living. They are fairly active indoors, and will do well with access to an average yard. The breed adapts to almost all environments, but prefers cold climates. Belgian Laekenois can thrive outdoors but would be at their best when allowed to stay at home with their family owners.


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