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Beloved Bulldog Crushed Beneath Grooming Table at PetSmart Salon

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Just a few days after Christmas, a proud pet parent took her 2-year old Bulldog, Minni, to a North Las Vegas PetSmart for a bath and a nail trim. Less than 15-minutes later, her beloved dog was dead, crushed beneath a grooming table.

Vikki Seifert brought her 2-year old Bulldog Minni for a bath and nail trim at her local North Las Vegas PetSmart’s grooming salon at 6:30pm. Because the session wouldn’t take long, she opted to browse the store while she waited.

Moments later, she saw store employees running to the grooming salon and knew something was wrong.

“I ran in there,” she told KVVU. “When I went in, she was crushed under a grooming table. They said that they had listened for her heartbeat and she was gone.”

Minni was pronounced dead at 6:43pm, only 13-minutes after being dropped off in the salon.

“I don’t believe it was the weight of the table,” she said. “It was the fact that it was electric and it had crushed her to the point that the table was closed all the way on her. And then with it being unplugged, there was no way to raise it.”

No one has been able to give Seifert clear details about what happened. PetSmart sent the following statement to KVVU:

A tragic accident occurred in our grooming salon, which led to the heartbreaking loss of Minni. There’s nothing more important than the safety of the pets in our care, and we immediately launched a comprehensive investigation into how this type of unprecedented event could have possibly happened. We have been in constant contact with the pet parent since this occurred and will continue to do everything we can to help support her during this difficult time.

Now, Seifert is awaiting results of a necropsy and wants a lawyer to review surveillance video from the salon to determine exactly what happened. From there, she will decide whether to file a suit.

“People’s pets are their family members,” she said. “She wasn’t just a pet.”

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  1. Avatar Of Roar



    It will be said to be worker error or a malfunction. It might be. But the biggest culprit in all of retail is not enough people to do the jobs that need to be done. So if corporate allowed enough people on the payroll, then when the malfunction occurred, the worker could have immediately dealt with it instead of whatever corporate had them doing at the same time.

  2. Avatar Of Emira



    So sad. However why publish a story before the results of the investigation? I am sure people want to know how something like that happened?

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